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by thetbjoshuafanclub

The Almighty God again demonstrated His everlasting faithfulness to His children on Sunday when His grace manifested with overwhelming dominance at the SCOAN’s Sunday Service. For visitors who had come from all over the world to worship at the church’s headquarters in Lagos – Nigeria, it was an awesome experience as they encountered the power of the Holy Spirit in action. Those who came with afflictions were delivered while those who had sicknesses were prayed for and healed in the name of Jesus Christ. What started with a Prayer Line where God used the faculties of the wise men to set His people free. Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered prayer, prophecy and healing to the congregants in Jesus’ name. He walked among the congregation and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, revealed hidden truths that were root to individuals’ and nations’ problems. The man of God dwelled on the prophetic message he ministered to the congregation the previous week about Christianity not being ‘the work we do but the relationship we maintain and the atmosphere produced by that relationship.’ He subtitled his message: HINDRANCE TO PRAYER. He said the truthfulness to being a genuine born-again Christian begs question when the persons confessing their Christianity still nurse urges of their former life.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“You used to be a drunkard or a smoker before or any of those habits but you have become a Christian. You have stopped it but the urge for it is still there. Are you really born again by God’s standard? We know what urge means; tormenting, irritating, very painful, discomforting – distressful. You can regard it as an affliction. In this case, Only God can know if you are not born again. The fact that people do not see you again in your former bad attitude, orientation, character and disposition does not mean you are truly born again. Only God Almighty knows the heart of man,” said the man of God, drawing people’s attention to Matthew 5:8 – “…Blessed are those pure in heart for they shall see God”.

He went on: “Blessed are those who are pure in heart; they shall pray and their prayer shall be answered. Only faith pleases Him. But what is faith? Faith is of man’s heart. Faith in God is of man’s heart not of man’s mind or flesh. Faith must be confessed and faith must be worked out in action.”

Wise Man Harry also delivered an inspiring message on the altar of The SCOAN titled, The New Life. The proof text was Romans 6:3-8. “When we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we were baptised into Christ, we died when He died and therefore, sin’s power over our lives has been broken.


Wise Man Harry

Salvation is to be set free from sin and its penalties. Regaining your freedom, health, blessing is not the only thing, you also need to cast aside your old self, your self-righteousness and your old nature in order to embrace Jesus Christ.”  

The service which was aired live on the church’s channel, Emmanuel TV, was not without amazing testimonies over God’s power in the lives of His people through various mediums of Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker and Emmanuel TV, among others. We bring you a selected few and, as you read, believe that the next testimony shall be yours. Amen!



The Bible is well documented with stories of how God can use ‘foolish’ things for the manifestation of His power. The issue of apron by Apostle Paul is one of them. But who could imagine for once that a voice of a man of God, recorded on modern technology, could be used by God to restore life?

Miss Evelyn Mawuli Boni from Ghana, a student of medicine, came to testify how God had used the voice of Prophet T.B. Joshua [recorded from Emmanuel TV] to restore her soul back into her dead body and raise her back to life. Her sister, Florence – a witness to the miraculous happening, narrated how on the fateful day her sister woke up strong and healthy only to be declared dead a couple of hours later without falling sick.

Miss Evelyn Mawuli Boni & Sister

She said that when her sister started the day she had no telltale signs of someone about to fall sick let alone die and that she went about all her daily household chores without any slightest complaint of illness. She said when her sister was done with her activities; she went to lay on the couch to rest. Moments later, she said, she heard her younger sister scream. When she got there, she found her lying on the floor – dead.

“She was just lying there motionless. Her body had turned pale. I touched her, she was cold all over, her heart had stopped beating and her pulse had ceased,” she said. Shocked at the sudden turn of events, she cried out for help and soon the house was crowded with people who confirmed that Miss Evelyn was indeed dead.

Since their mother was away, some people suggested that arrangements be made to take the dead body to the mortuary.

Meanwhile, the elder sister was calling on God’s mercy for her sister and screaming, “God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, raise my sister!” She said it was then that she remembered that the dead sister had recorded on her phone a prayer by Prophet T.B. Joshua from Emmanuel TV. Filled with faith, she switched on the phone and played the message to the ear of the lifeless body.

“The message; ‘Sin’s power over me be broken’ had just ran for a few seconds when, suddenly, the body stirred, legs moved and soon my sister was sitting up – to the amazement of the crowd that was now mourning her death,” she said. 

Explaining the one hour when she had been declared dead, the 16 year-old sister said when she collapsed, she saw her spirit leave her body and head for the door of the room she was in. It went into the hallway and, just when it was about to step out, it turned back to see Prophet T.B. Joshua standing beside her body beckoning her to come back.

“That is how I woke up. I found that people had gathered around me and when I asked what was going on; my sister [Florence] said I had been declared dead for one hour. To me it was like a few minutes,” she said.

The two sisters praised God for using the man of God to restore a life and bring joy into their family. They advised people to keep watching Emmanuel TV and to download Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers. “Always stay under the umbrella of God and stay tuned to Emmanuel TV,” said Miss Boni, happy to be alive again to share the great testimony.


Mr Franklin Appiah, 43, was by many standards a happy man, working in the Malaysian High Commissioner’s Office in his home country – Ghana. Based on his own word, he had enough money to take care of his family and pay bills. However, as is always the devil’s nature to plant booby traps in people’s lives, Mr Appiah was apportioned an addiction that almost cost him his life until he came to The SCOAN.

Mr Franklin Appiah Wife

He had been addicted to alcohol and for ten years; he drunk himself to the edge of his grave, consuming at least ten bottles of beer per day and other hard alcoholic substances. He thought he was enjoying life, walking from one bottle store to another ‘til late.

He said his huge consumption of alcohol had affected his health so much that he developed a wound in his stomach and the problem also seriously affected his skin around his entire waist. Despite the side effects, he continued to drink heavily even on his sickbed. The doctor advised him to stop or risk death. 

He received the Anointing Water after visiting The SCOAN and ministered it into his mouth and on his body in Jesus’ name. Since then, he no longer has the urge to drink alcohol and the wound on his waist is completely healed.

Mr Appiah, who was accompanied to The SCOAN by his wife to share their testimony, advised those watching to get their own bottle of Anointing Water and that if one uses it in the name of Jesus Christ, they will be healed and set free.

“I feel relieved now, like a huge load has been lifted off me. My drinking sprees almost ruined my life and marriage. I selectively used the scriptures to justify that alcohol is acceptable. Satan used the same to steal my hard-earned money. I don’t even want to think about it,” he said.

Now a healthy and a responsible husband and father, Mr Appiah advised the congregants and viewers to refrain from sin and any dirty habit. He added, “Turn to God to really be set free from your sinful life because with Him, all things are possible”.


Taking their turn were Mr and Mrs Marvelous who were all smiles as they stepped forward to give their testimony of God’s unfailing power and proven faithfulness. They were carrying a baby boy with them, the reason for their bright faces.

Their testimony started with a replay of a clip in which, while ministering prayer on the Prayer Line, Wise Man Daniel encountered a pregnant woman who manifested an evil spirit. The evil spirit in her said she [the woman] would not have a baby boy. It said two of the three girls the woman had, were actually boys only that it [the evil spirit] had changed the sexes.

Thank God, the woman was prayed for and the demon commanded out in the name of Jesus Christ. That was how the couple found themselves at The SCOAN last Sunday – to proclaim the mightiness of the Lord which had prevailed in their lives now that they were able to boast a baby boy whom the devil had declared they would never have.

Called upon to testify, Mrs Marvelous explained of how she had suffered at the hands of the evil one. She said every time she was pregnant, a woman would come to her in her dream and tell her that she would have a baby girl. Every time she was in labour, it would be an experience of horror. She would fall sick, faint and get operated on to save the baby.

Mr & Mrs Marvelous & Baby Dominion Marvelous

At one point, they agreed to stop bearing children. However, after three years, the woman discovered she was pregnant. When she went for examination, she was told she was carrying a boy. The same woman appeared to her and told her she was carrying a girl. She fell sick and the baby had to be evacuated to save her life. The experience happened twice.

When she fell pregnant again, she and her husband decided to seek solution from God. After she was delivered, she received the Anointing Water. At home, she would minister it on herself and pray with Emmanuel TV claiming her baby boy. As a demonstration of their faith, they started to buy clothes for a male child. And that is exactly what happened. When time for her to deliver eventually came, she drove herself to the hospital and delivered her bouncing baby boy – Dominion Marvelous – without problems.

“My baby boy is happy and healthy,” she said.

Mr Marvelous advised viewers that they should not feel left out saying, Emmanuel TV is an extension of The SCOAN in your house.”


Being out of job and with no hope for one can be devastating more especially when you are in a foreign country. Such was the case with Mr Alfred Osunsanya, a Nigerian national resident in Malawi. His contract had expired where he was working and suddenly found himself out of job with no other means of earning a living.

He remembered how with God, all things become possible. He also remembered how God was liberating people at The SCOAN. He decided to waste no more time and travelled to The SCOAN where he got his Anointing Water. When he got back, he ministered it on himself in Jesus’ name.  Soon afterwards, he got a good job that pays him well.

But his testimony did not end there. One night he was walking home. When he jumped across,  a drainage ditch which he had crossed uncountable times, his tendon snapped and he collapsed right there. His wife ministered the Anointing Water on him before he was rushed to the hospital. The doctors suggested an operation but he declined. The doctors then put a cast on his leg to aid the healing. After returning from the hospital, he discovered some snakes in his house. As he was trying to kill one, his Achilles tendon snapped again. The doctor said that it was possible he could be disabled for life. He sprayed the Anointing Water and went back to the doctor six weeks later where they removed the cast. To the amazement of all, his leg had healed!


Mr Alfred Osunsanya

The doctors had said that it could take at least a year to heal completely. He showed the medical reports of before and after his healing. He also showed the area on his leg that had been injured and is now perfectly healed, proving that Jesus Christ is the Healer.


Mr Okechukwu Davies came to testify to the glory of God how he was healed from the problem of difficulty in walking due to a sickness known as Lumbar Spondylosis. His testimony started with a footage taken a couple of weeks previously when he was brought to The SCOAN. He was wearing a lumbar corset that ran from the waist up to the chest. He was in great pain. He was prayed for at the Prayer Line and was instantly healed, in Jesus’ name.

Testifying on Sunday, Mr Davies said that as a result of the sickness, he had been experiencing a lot of pain and was having depression. Being a dealer in Bio Energy, he could not stand for long periods of time to give presentations for his company. He started watching Emmanuel TV and saw how people with his exact problem were being healed in Jesus’ name. He decided to come to The SCOAN to receive his own miracle.

Mr Okechukwu Davies & Family

“I am now fully fit; I can jump and lift heavy things,” said the 37 year-old, flexing his muscles and stretching his limbs to the glory of the Almighty God who is the Healer. His wife said the sickness had been a great torture to the family as he had to lie down for three full weeks on doctors’ instructions, during which she had to do everything for the family.

“I am happy my husband is now healthy and I thank God for using the wise man to heal him,” she said.


Mrs Priscilla Afokoba was looking for breakthrough. Despite being a graduate, it had become too hard for her to clinch any job despite applying to different places for a job. She told of how she had run to many places in search of a solution. Devastated and hopeless, she came to The SCOAN and joined the Candlelight Service on 31st December 2012. She received the Anointing Water and went back home. She prayed and ministered the Anointing Water and, the next day, she received a call from a company where she had never applied. They asked her if she had been employed before. She said, “No”. She later learnt that it was a company sponsored by the US government. A few hours later, they called her again and was employed as the coordinator of the company. A few months later, she received promotion and became the Office Manager at one of the organisation’s branches.

“As I speak, I have two cars and I thank God for giving me this breakthrough,” she told the congregation.


Mrs Priscilla Afokoba 

But that was not all. One day, as she was travelling with her mum and sister, the car they were in somersaulted seven times into a ditch and landed with the tyres facing upwards. They got out of the car without injuries. She said she carries the Anointing Sticker with her and believes that God saved them through the medium.

Ms Afokoba told viewers: “The Anointing Sticker is my helmet and bulletproof.”

Scholarships Galore

The service also witnessed the gathering of scores of children who are under The SCOAN Scholarship Programme for Children of Widows and Widowers. The children were chosen for their need. All the children came out with very good results and thanked God for the support Prophet T.B. Joshua has been providing for them throughout their school years. 


Beneficiaries Of The SCOAN Scholarship Programme Appreciating God For His Provision

The scholarships they receive encourage them to do better than their best. A few of the children shared their experiences. Later, all of them received financial support according to their individual needs. They were given a total of 5 million naira for their school fees and other necessities for school.


Beneficiaries Of The SCOAN Scholarship Programme Appreciating God For His Provision

The Sunday service ended with the wise men offering mass prayer during which God delivered and set His people free from the evil spirits that were behind their problems. We at The SCOAN thank God Almighty for His grace which continues to shine through His living church. To Him – and Him alone – be the glory and honour in Jesus’ name!



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