Belief in our heart….


by thetbjoshuafanclub

Last Sunday service, broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, came with a sweet surprise. For the first time in three years, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, ministered prayer, healing and deliverance at the prayer line. The service, which started at 8am, was miracle-packed as the Almighty God used the faculties of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men to minister to those that had congregated at The SCOAN headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria and viewers worldwide. Those who had difficulties in walking due to various ailments and afflictions were prayed for in the name of Jesus Christ and instantly walked. Those possessed with evil spirits were also delivered, in Jesus’ name.


ImageProphet T. B. Joshua

The man of God prophesied to the congregants and preached on the issue of faith and the power of the Word under the title: Belief In Our Heart, a message drawn from the book of Romans 10:7, 9. He said everybody has power in his mouth but what differs is the degree of belief in one’s heart – the power to bless, loose and heal, among others.


“The belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. It means everybody created by God has power. If you have not realized your power, it means it is dormant, unused,” he said.


The Prophet cited as example the story of the disciples of Jesus Christ, saying the reason they could not deliver the demon-possessed boy in Mark 9:14-29 was not because they lacked faith, rather they ‘needed the measure of faith’ to release the power. He said the more one’s faith is, the more the power is released.


Wise Man Racine also taught on the topic, ‘The University of God’. He said knowing God is not only to see His works, but to learn His ways through His Word by His Spirit. He said trials and tribulations are part of the University of God one has to pass through before one can graduate, giving as an example the cases of Joseph and Jephtah in the Bible both of whom had to go through suffering to become important people in their society.


ImageWise Man Racine

The service could not be complete without amazing testimonies that glorified the power of the Almighty God. Below are a selected few and we hope that as you read them, your faith will be lifted and God will meet you at the point of your need. Stay blessed!



For the 30-year old Immigration Officer from Ghana, Mr Samuel Kara, June 2, 2013 will for a long time bring nothing to cheer about but horror footage of how he slipped into the dark tunnel of death. But to the glory of God, he was brought back to life 14 days later, thanks to the mighty power of God that resuscitated him through the medium of the Anointing Water.

Mr Kara came to The SCOAN to testify how on that fateful Sunday afternoon, he fell sick and started vomiting and passed out blood before he collapsed. He said, “At that time, I was scared. I had never experienced anything like that in my life. It was while I was carrying the bucket outside that I collapsed and passed out. Unknown to me, the blood had streamed down the corridor and one of the officers saw it and raised alarm. That is all I know”.

He was rushed to the hospital unconscious. He had lost a lot of blood. His colleagues at the barracks where he was staying organised themselves – about 20 of them – to donate blood but every time they did, he would vomit it out. The doctors were perplexed. A whole 14 pints of blood had been transfused into him but he still remained unconscious.

One of his workmates knew a woman, Mrs. Lovelace Nyame, who frequently visited The SCOAN in Lagos and went to see her with the hope that she would have the Anointing Water. How faithful God is! The woman had just visited The SCOAN the previous two weeks. She agreed to minister it on Mr Kara at the hospital.Image

Mrs. Nyame said, “It was when we arrived at the hospital that I began to appreciate the severity of the case. He laid still in bed, weak and vomiting clots of blood. His friends were in groups discussing amongst themselves what to do. Men were crying like babies. I produced my bottle of Anointing Water and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ and said, ‘Dead bones shall rise again!’”

And indeed, the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Anointing Water became the fountain of life that replaced his lost blood. Mr Kara was brought back to life. However, the loss of blood had been chronic and he began to show signs of mental disorder.

According to his wife, Mrs. Modesta Kara, doctors told her that although her husband had survived, he would not live to be normal. They prescribed her a drug but she could not find any in all the drug stores. One of the nurses at the hospital who is a partner with Emmanuel TV, advised her not to worry but believe in God. They continued to use the Anointing Water. After 14 days, he was back to normal and out of hospital! He is now back to work.

“Doctors can say anything based on their understanding, but God has the final say. They said he would not live but here he is. Everyone at the hospital now calls him Lazarus!” said Mrs. Modesta Kara, happy and overjoyed about what God had done.



Mr Roman Hetman, is a walking testimony of God’s grace.

“I use my leg to demonstrate how unlimited God’s power is. He used the Anointing Water to heal my leg that was a few hours away from amputation after a horrid accident left it minced,” he said.

Mr Hetman, who is from Poland but resides in Zambia, was coming from a business conference in 2009 and driving his car on a remote road littered with potholes when he had an accident. The steering wheel, gear box and pedals inexplicably just jammed and what followed was a terrible road accident that left his left leg crushed. Not only that, he had a crack in his head. According to him, a piece of his skull came through his ear towards his ear drum so, he could only hear a ringing sound.

He was unconscious as they took him to the hospital. At the first two clinics they visited, they refused, saying they did not accept dead bodies as he was thought to be dead at first sight. Finally, being admitted in a hospital, two operations were done on his leg but did not help; the operations even added to his leg’s mangled state.

“No piece of the broken leg was removed. For three and a half years the bones kept coming out. We tried to look for specialist doctors but to no avail. I was like a cabbage – unable to read, to write, to recognise people around me, to say the food I liked – all my senses had gone and the doctors were suggesting that they amputate my leg as it was severely slashed and hanging from the rest of my body,” he said.


Mr Hetman, an Information and Technology analyst, found himself out of job and reeling in financial crisis. Meanwhile, they transferred him to another hospital where a machine was employed to hold the broken bones and mashed flesh together using metal pins that were inserted into the remains of his leg. The hope was that, with time, the bones and flesh would grow back into place with the support of the metal rods.

During this time, infections would come up resulting in so many operations that he lost count. For a period of six months, the leg looked as if it was healing but then the wound re-opened and the bones became disconnected and infected once again. Fed up, he decided to seek divine intervention.

He came to The SCOAN in 2009 where he received a word of prophecy from Wise Man Harry that the iron would be removed. He received the Anointing Water and went back to Zambia. He began to minister the Anointing Water and, praise be to God, after four months the metal was removed as his leg bones had finally grown back together and the skin healed over. He was miraculously healed. Mr Hetman showed the affected leg for the glory of God. He is now able to walk and move around freely.

His wife said that she thanks God that He heard their cries for help.



Our miracle-working God is the God of no limitations and He answers at His own acceptable time. Mr Roland Omolofe is a testifier to this. He came to the SCOAN to share a wonderful testimony of how he never gave up even when it appeared that his blessings were taking long. He had been looking for a breakthrough in his career. Because his miracle was taking a long time to come, people started to laugh at him and asked why he continued to visit The SCOAN when he was struggling financially. Mr Omolofe ignored them believing that God’s time is the best.


At some point, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to him in his dream. In the dream, Mr Omolofe was climbing up a ladder but some people were holding him back. Then someone said: ‘What are you waiting for, use the Anointing Water!’ He ministered the Anointing Water and was able to break the chain holding him and climbed up the ladder. In less than a week after this dream, he was offered a job in Angola with an oil and gas company. They offered him the position of Project Manager. He advised others that God’s time is the best. “You should stay patiently in faith. God will see you through,” he said.



The experience of Mr and Mrs. Ivan Emmanuel Suh from Cameroon is an intriguing one. It is a classic example of how light and darkness cannot dwell together. Mr Suh used to be a person that used charms; he had a shrine and visited witch doctors regularly. All this time, he and his wife were yearning for a baby but they could not conceive one. His brother visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers which he gave to Mr Suh.

He took them and began to carry both the Anointing items and the charms. He and his wife were still trying for another child but each time she conceived, she would miscarry within three months. After some time, his wife reasoned with him to stop using both because one is darkness and the other light. He told her to choose between the two. She opted for the Anointing items. So, he in agreement, threw the charms away. After one month she became pregnant and carried the baby safely. They now are proud parents of baby, Jacob. The father, overwhelmed by the mightiness of God, has now converted to Christianity.


He had a second testimony. He was driving to his office from a far destination one day and had an accident in which the car somersaulted four times. After the car had somersaulted once, he was thrown out of the car and watched the car somersault a further three times. When the rescue services came, they asked him where he was seated; he told them he had sat in the front seat. After they had inspected the car they were awed for, behold, the seatbelt was still fastened!

We thank God Almighty for His faithfulness and everlasting grace He manifests through His living church to set free the chained by declaring freedom and breakthroughs in their lives, in Jesus’ name. Glory be to God!


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