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In furtherance of his teaching on the need to guard against offence, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke about THE CHALLENGES FACING RELATIONSHIPS on Sunday, February 14, 2016. He gave a message which dealt with issues faced by countless people worldwide. According to the man of God, the way we handle relationships often leads to offence but we must be careful not to hold onto such offences to the detriment of our own relationship with God. The more we hold onto grudges and offences, the more we imprison ourselves. “We cannot function properly because we are holding someone hostage of unforgiveness. We carry anger, hatred, bitterness, hurt against someone – that is self-imprisonment. Many of us are victims of self-imprisonment.”

With special reference to Romans 12:19-21 which admonishes Christians against anger, vengeance and hatred, the man of God encouraged the congregation not to allow the wrongdoings of others to cut us away from the path God has destined for us. He reckoned that Christians must not allow the hurts and wounds of life to stand between them and God: “Because of wounds and hurts which offences have caused in our lives, most of us cannot function properly in our professions. Each time you carry out the assignment, you remember someone you have trained who has become your boss. You will not want to give your best – and your best is needed.”
Leading by example, the man of God led the congregation in prayer, urging them to let go of the past and free all those who they have held hostage in their minds. He said, “Rise up and let us pray. Right now, begin to release yourself by forgiving those who have wronged you and promise after you leave here, that you will do restitution, in Jesus’ name.”
It was indeed an atmosphere of repentance and restitution as the choir on their part gave the congregation a great musical exhortation on the urgent need to free themselves from grudges, strife and offence.


Mr and Mrs Uchenna Okafor had been nursing the ambition to travel abroad for a holiday. The funds were not a problem but the destination appeared to be a puzzle to the couple. They had planned to visit Dubai in the United Arab Emirates but eventually changed their minds and settled for the United States of America. Putting all modalities in place, they had to face the uphill task of attending the visa interview at the American embassy in Lagos, Nigeria. Two days to their appointment at the embassy, Mr Okafor visited The SCOAN and was able to see Prophet T.B. Joshua.MR & MRS UCHENNA OKAFOR

Having told the man of God his intention to travel, he also requested for prayers. The man of God only asked him four questions after which he handed the young man a Believer’s Card, declaring that all was well. The young man left with his hopes ignited to high heavens. When the visa interview date came, Mr Okafor and his wife arrived at the embassy only to meet a mammoth crowd scrambling for positions in the long queue. As they strove to find their place in the long queue, a man came and took them to the front where it was easy for them to be attended to.

As the interview commenced, the couple were shocked to witness the rejection of two applicants who were before them on the queue, even though they had rich histories of foreign travels. They were almost thrown into the defeatist thinking that their applications may not sail through since those of more qualified applicants had failed. But that was never to be. When it got to their turn, something unusual happened! The same four questions the man of God had asked Mr Okafor days back were the ones asked by the visa officer. The most striking thing was that the questions came in the same order on both occasions.
As Mr Okafor was trying to fathom the striking semblance of the questions and the order in which they were asked, the next response from the visa officer sent his heart rolling with irrepressible joy. “Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Okafor, your visa requests are granted. Come back next Thursday and pick up your visas”. They had applied for two-week holiday visas but were shocked beyond words to receive two-year multiple entry visas each as they returned to the embassy for collection.

MISS PETRONELLA MAJIGEMiss Petronella Majige, a Tanzanian living in Australia, was confused and worried. Her menstrual flow suddenly and inexplicably stopped for more than one year. All efforts to get clarifications from doctors on the reason for her condition remained futile; even her father who was a professor of medicine could not offer any justifiable explanations. Visiting The SCOAN, she was among those who received the Believer’s Card from the man of God in January 2016. Immediately she received the Believer’s Card, Petronella felt a sharp pain within her abdomen. God was at work!

To the glory of God, ever since the day she received the Believer’s Card, her ceased menstrual flow was miraculously restored! Thanking God for her healing, Miss Majige confessed that she had actually come down to The SCOAN for other problems but never knew that God was going to restore her menstruation. She advised people all over the world to be patient with Jesus Christ as He does things in His own time beyond human comprehension.

For thirty-one years, Mrs Adegbite Modupe served as a class teacher in a local primary school without promotion. She barely managed to cope with the cumbersome demands of teaching as she had to write loads and loads of lesson notes which sometimes interfered, especially with her private life. She would often be invited to occasions but would not be able to attend because she would have to complete her lesson notes before going out of the house. The struggle continued until January, 2016 when she visited The SCOAN.MRS ADEGBITE MODUPE

Mrs Adegbite Modupe was one of those very fortunate people who received the Believer’s Card from the man of God as he made his inaugural appearance for the New Year. After receiving the Believer’s Card, she went home and resorted to serious prayers. In a matter of three days, God answered her prayers. Engrossed in her duties as class teacher, a call came through informing her of her promotion to the rank of Assistant Head Teacher, a position she had earlier prayed for. Presently enjoying the benefit and privacy of a new office, Mrs Adegbite Modupe is thankful to God for elevating her after three decades of stagnation. She advised people to heed the counsels of God’s prophets with an utmost sense of urgency.

In 2012, Mr Godfrey Kyei suffered from a strange back pain that led to four different surgeries. It was later discovered that the Ghanaian suffered from spinal scoliosis and needed another corrective surgery. Condemned to the use of a walking aid and unable to function as a complete man, Mr Kyei was scared. About that time, he was already watching Emmanuel TV and was conversant with the marvellous works of God at The SCOAN. Rather than allow himself go under the physician’s knives again, he opted to visit The SCOAN because he was very sure and confident that his case was a minor one compared to cases being handled by God in the Arena of Liberty.

Arriving at The SCOAN and placed at the Prayer Line, Godfrey received an anointed touch MR KYEI GODFRED (3)from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. As soon as the man of God touched him, he felt a sharp sensation from the back of his head down through his spine and that was the end of his agonies. He testified that from that moment, all those pains were gone for good! Demonstrating before the congregation to prove his fitness and new-found freedom from pains, Mr Kyei urged believers to always run to Jesus whenever they face challenges. He happily brandished his medical reports showing his condition before and after the prayer, adding that his miraculous recovery confounded the doctors in charge of his case who had booked him for surgery prior to his visit to The SCOAN.


Mrs Ivonne Milla had a dream in which a strange voice told her that she would not be able to walk anymore. The next day, as she made her way to a training programme, she felt a sharp pain on her back which immediately immobilised her. She could not stand up, let alone walk. Her family was forced to rush her to the hospital where the medical doctor tried in vain to fathom the cause of her problem. She became a serious liability to her family to the extent that someone had to tell her that it was better she relocated to the village to die.

As she battled with the pains and the inability to walk, her mother encouraged her to visit The SCOAN. “But how can a woman who is unable to walk get herself to The SCOAN?” she had uttered to her mother in tears. As a proof of their concern and family love, Mrs Ivonne Milla was virtually carried like a baby by her family to The SCOAN and was placed inside a car at the entrance of the Prayer Line. As the man of God approached her, he handed the Morning Water to her brother and asked him to minister it on her.

MRS IVONNE MILA & FAMILYAs soon as the Morning Water touched her, the man of God commanded her to rise and walk. For the first time in a long while, the Cameroonian rose to her feet and walked to the glory of God. Testifying with members of her family, Mrs Milla thanked God for her healing, adding that she has been strong and healthy for the last twelve months.



After the inspiring teaching addressing the challenges facing relationships, Prophet T.B. Joshua practicalised his sermon by addressing the case of Dr & Mrs Abhiwu whose marriage was virtually on the verge of separation. A fortnight earlier, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mrs Abhiwu that he was seeing separation, insisting that she was not actually living with her husband in Ghana. The young lady tearfully confirmed the prophecy, explaining that her husband Dr Hilarius Abhiwu had openly told her he had no affection for her and no longer considered himself a married man. The following Sunday, Dr Abhiwu clarified how his marital mess initially began. He explained that his mother-in-law was extremely controlling, to the point that for two years after their marriage, his wife was still living in her mother’s house.


As he was extremely busy caring for patients as a sole medical superintendent in the region he lived, he was being forced to travel a long distance to meet his wife. “I am caring for lives but she is caring for bottles,” he fumed, explaining that his wife was a major employee of his mother-in-law’s soft drink distribution business. Before Dr Hilarius could continue, Prophet T.B. Joshua insisted that his wife, Gloria bring her mother to The SCOAN, emphasising that irrespective of the challenges, this was a marriage from God. This Sunday, the young couple was gloriously reconciled as Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed the issue. He explained that Gloria’s mum, who was present in the church, was simply being overly protective of her daughter, not knowing that this was causing turbulence to the young marriage. He advised her to avoid unnecessary interference in the marriage, adding that all of these challenges were meant to strengthen the relationship. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for the couple who fell down together in a warm embrace as they received their deliverance to start married life afresh.



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    waaaooo, what a powerful message! God bless you TB JOSHUA, live long…..!


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