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PROPHET T.B.JOSHUAIn his deep and incisive message on Sunday, 24 January, 2015 titled, Life Through The Spirit, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished Christians on the need to understand the workings of God in the spirit realm because God is Spirit. God must be worshipped in spirit. Romans 8:14 says, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, if you don’t worship God who is a Spirit, in the spirit, you will be led intellectually or by your emotions – what you see, hear, read or how you feel. If we do not worship God who is a Spirit, in the spirit, can we hope to obtain His favour and acceptance? So, we miss the end of worship. Speaking further, the man of God said, “When one does not worship God who is a Spirit, in the spirit, the worship is defective; that is, carnal – dealing only in the letter and referring to the Spirit and design, which are at a distance, by types and ceremonies. We must depend upon God’s Spirit for strength and assistance, laying our souls under His influence and operation (Romans 1:9). We should worship Him with fixedness of thought and a flame of affection, with all that is within us”. He then advised all to commit themselves to the guidance of the Word.



Mrs Charlotte Aidoo suffered from severe hypertension for five years. She was always weak and could not live the normal life she had been used to. Her career as a caterer was hugely affected as she could not deliver on orders made by her clients. Whenever she received orders she would hand them over to her apprentices who ended up disappointing her clients. It got to a time that she stopped receiving orders from customers because of her health. The financial toll the ailment took on her was unquantifiable as she spent a fortune on medication.

Mrs Aidoo visited The SCOAN and was at the Prayer Line where she received prayers from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and was also blessed with the Morning Water. On her return to her native Ghana, she ministered the Morning Water after which she visited the hospital where she was certified free from hypertension. Mrs Aidoo is now back to her energetic self. She works hard, is very healthy and happy with her healing.

One day, when she had already gone back to Ghana, she was called that her bakery caught on fire. Immediately when she got the call, she was confident that God would take charge in the situation because she always faithfully ministered the Morning Water on her business in Jesus’ name. To the glory of God, when the fire was put out, nothing was destroyed. After the whole incident, someone told her that a man wearing white had come to the bakery and told the workers to put powdered soap inside water and spray it all over the bakery. Immediately after they did that, the fire stopped. Mrs Aidoo tried looking for the man who helped save her business, but to this date, they cannot trace the man at all. To God be the glory!



The spirit of premature death had been a thorn in the flesh of the Phiris back
in their native Zambia. Shortly after Mrs Phiri gave birth to her first baby girl, she lost her to that wicked spirit after weeks of medical care in the hospital. It was that unpalatable experience that led them to the discovery of Emmanuel TV. Consequently, Mr Phiri visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water with which he returned to Zambia. After ministering the Morning Water together, the couple met as husband and wife.

Mrs Phiri eventually became pregnant and later delivered a second baby girl to the glory of God. Soon after the delivery of the baby, the same ailment that was said to have killed their first child reared its ugly head again. Having been diagnosed with pneumonia and anaemia, the new baby was bed-ridden in hospital and had to be placed under oxygen with urgent need of a blood transfusion. Mrs Phiri would not give in to fear. Instead, she continued to pray, ministering the Morning Water and believing her daughter was healed. She insisted her daughter should be discharged much to the displeasure of the doctors and nurses.

Back home with her daughter, Mrs Phiri continued to minister the Morning Water until it dawned on her that her daughter was indeed healed. Returning to the hospital for test, it was discovered that her daughter was free from all the ailments that had earlier been diagnosed in her – giving her a very outstanding clean bill of health. Mrs Phiri, while displaying all the medical test documents, thanked God for restoring her daughter’s health and for putting an end to the yoke of premature death that had tormented her for so long. She gave the following advice to viewers all over the world: “If you want to overcome the devil’s schemes, do so by the blood of Jesus and the word of your testimony.”


Mr and Mrs Marvellous Nweze had suffered from various different hardships. Mr Nweze had been involved in a terrible motor accident while he was on a journey from Accra, Ghana to Aflao. Prior to embarking on the journey, he ministered the Morning Water on himself. Along the way, he suddenly saw a white car directly in front of him. He tried to dodge it, but lost control causing the car to end up in the bush. While the car was still in motion it was as if he was struggling with an invisible being that was handling the steering wheel. The car finally reached a pot hole and started spinning and suddenly, it stopped. He pulled himself together and came out of the car. To his surprise, he discovered that all four tires of the car had deflated. It is indeed a miracle that a car could travel that distance with four deflated tires. There was a large crowd gathered around. They wondered how anyone could have come out of the vehicle alive.

He further testified about how God healed his son of a terrible sickness. According to him, he received a shocking message from the wife while he was away that their son was very sick and she was at the hospital with him. The doctors even reprimanded her as to why she allowed the sickness to reach such a level before seeking medical solution. She explained that it had happened within just 30 minutes. The sickness was so severe that the skin started to peel off. He looked as if he had been severely burnt. With no solution at hand, they ministered their son with the Morning Water and a miracle happened. The sores of the skin and mouth totally disappeared within hours. Seeing the baby now, one would hardly believe he once suffered from such a terrible sickness.

Mr Nweze continued his testimony by recounting how God delivered them from limitation in progress. This happened after they received their deliverance here, at The SCOAN. Their finances were totally transformed. They were able to buy a land and also build a magnificent house, having lived in a rented house for many years. He advised the congregation and viewers all over the world to believe in God; with Him, all things are possible.



Mr Cyprien Mouanda suffered a terrible eye problem after an incident that happened eleven years ago while working for an oil company. For awhile, he was out of job as he searched for a lasting solution to his problem. When it appeared as if the ailment was abating, he joined an American company but could only work for seven months due to the resurgence of the eye disease. His company was compassionate; they got him a consultant optician who eventually diagnosed him with glaucoma.

As he resorted to glasses to help improve his sight, his wife discovered Emmanuel TV and shared the marvellous news with him. After realising that they had been missing God’s raw power, the couple decided to visit The SCOAN where they received the Morning Water. When they returned to their native Gabon, Mr Mouanda continued to minister the Morning Water on his eye. Removing his glasses one morning while watching Emmanuel TV, he discovered he could read the subtitles. He tried to read his Bible and saw everything clearly. Returning to the doctors for confirmation, he was certified free from the eye disease that rendered him inefficient at work. Mr Muoanda proclaimed his healing as he also affirmed that God has continued to work in his life since the restoration of his sight.


Mr Kanyi Randy was possessed by the family idol when he was only two years. He grew up with the spirit and eventually started manifesting some strange characters. He would spend most of his time with computers at the cyber cafe. His computer skills were very obvious but he used them the wrong way. He would build websites for people for illicit businesses. As he progressed in school, he became a truant who would go out to get drugs for his mates. He started ganging up with bad friends who ensured that his appetite for alcohol and Indian hemp remained unmatchable.

Randy was dismissed from five different schools for his misdemeanours. He later became a scammer, using the credit cards of unsuspecting people to shop for free online. His mastery of the internet made him an asset even to churches where he was taken for deliverance. After spending days in one particular church, he had to be sent away for being irredeemable; the pastor could not deliver him. Randy continued to have horrible dreams in which he found himself eating assorted food and having sexual relations with women.

From his internet escapades, Randy made money which he usually squandered on girls of easy virtue at clubs and casinos. He would keep late nights in the company of rugged friends. On one occasion, he was beaten and stabbed and nearly lost his life in the process. Randy’s voracious appetite for money was alarming. He would spend millions of CFAs in a matter of days, frolicking from one 5-star hotel to the other. His life style gave his mother so much stress. She would borrow money to pay his school fees yet he would mess up himself with his wayward fancies. Fed up with his life, his mother handed him over to his aunt who took it upon herself to bring him down to The SCOAN for deliverance. During the ministration of the Morning Water on a Sunday service, the young man fell under the power of God just as the spirit cried out through him, “I am the family idol… nothing good comes out of his life… I give him money anytime he needs it… He has talent but I use it negatively.” In spite of all attempts to resist arrest and binding, the spirit tormenting young Randy was cast out finally.

Testifying in an emotion-laden recall of his irresponsible past, Randy regretted the pains he had put his mother through and thanked God for his freedom. The young man advised the youth to pursue hard work instead of quick fixes.

Having been sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua, in Jesus’ name, Evangelists Yinka and Rikhard led a great onslaught against the kingdom of darkness during the  Mass Prayer. It was historic in the sense that many were set free from age-long bondages and demonic manipulations. Many vomited all substances of spiritual contamination that had wreaked havoc on their lives for so long. To God be the Glory



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