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The SCOAN Sunday Service of September 27, 2015 was an epic experience at the Arena of Liberty.

Evang DupeEvang Dupe

Evangelist Dupe’s message blended well with the resilience of the entire congregation who expressed themselves in praise and worship as the Emmanuel Singers provided the musical impetus for the spiritual edification of all present. With the instructive words taken from her thoughtful message titled THE RACE OF LIFE, Evangelist Dupe said, Instead of magnifying the causes of your fears, you ought to arm yourself with the thoughts of God, His sovereignty and invisible world. The quality of faith is not measured by our attitude to God when things are good but when times are hard – I mean, when our fate seems to hang in the balance. Don’t forget our Lord’s prayer to Simon in Luke 22:32. Jesus said to him, ‘I pray your faith will not fail’. Don’t abandon your faith in trials. Trials are the soil in which faith flourishes. Real faith thrives on a test. In the face of life’s uncertainties, don’t give up; keep calm and be determined. You with God are majority. No matter what life brings, no matter what happens, you are under His eyes”.





Mrs Joy Peters from South Africa had tasted poverty at the most extreme level. She was retrenched from work in the private sector and left to wallow in abject penury and indebtedness. Her creditors kept calling to recover their money but how could she pay those debts when even finding coins to buy bread was almost impossible? Her cars, the most significant assets she had, were on the verge of being repossessed by her creditors. However, a visit to The SCOAN would become the precursor to her restoration. There, she received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Morning Water.

Mrs Peters returned to her country in high hopes, believing that the much desired change was just a moment away. Ministering the Morning Water and saturating herself in prayer and the Word of God, she prepared her mind for the approaching glory. Barely two months after her visit to The SCOAN, she received a call that propelled her to an executive position in the second highest office in South Africa. The caller stated that she was being appointed as a ministerial spokesperson. The improbability of her story is a testament to God’s incomprehensibility – for He uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. It is ordinarily unimaginable that a woman who could hardly feed herself ends up as the spokesperson of an important national minister. It can only be God!

The position in which she was placed is usually given to highly experienced government officials, as confirmed by her colleagues who marvelled at the mystery surrounding her employment. They further wondered at the grace of God which enabled her to carry out her responsibilities with excellence. Apart from receiving a brand new luxury car, Mrs Peters was also blessed with a six room home, rent-free for as long as she desired. She agreed that her restoration was miraculous while thanking God for making her smile once more. She advised people to believe in the deliverance taking place at The SCOAN.



Honourable Habila Timothy from Taraba, Nigeria was a successful civil servant cajoled into politics by his local community who felt he had all it took to lead them. They wanted him to run for a seat in the Taraba State House of Assembly. In his first attempt in 2010, he lost by an atrocious margin. Not only was the campaign lost but so was his wealth. Life suddenly became difficult as he found it increasingly difficult to pay his bills. He even went to the extent of selling some of his property in order to make ends meet.

Sitting in a hotel room in the north central city of Jos, Nigeria, he came across Emmanuel TV and was impressed with what he saw. By the time he returned to his family, he convinced his wife about the power of God at The SCOAN and concluded it was imperative to visit the Arena of Liberty. He installed the Emmanuel TV cable in his house and continued to watch the power of God on display with members of his family. When he eventually visited The SCOAN, he was arranged for the prayer line where the man of God prayed for him and gave him the Faith Bracelet and Morning Water. According to Honourable Habila, “Something left me and I felt light after the man of God laid hands on me”. He continued to use the anointed materials together with his family.

In 2014, another call from his people saw him revisiting his political ambition. Even though he was not financially buoyant, he was able to raise enough money to purchase the nomination form. Unfortunately, he did not win the primaries. His people advised him to join another party in hopes that he could still win. Heeding their advice, he joined an unknown party and surprisingly won the primaries. Stunned, his opponents took him to court, seeking a nullification of his election on spurious grounds.

While the legal battle raged, he called the Emmanuel TV prayer and counselling line and prayed with one of the prayer warriors. To his great joy, after the prayer, he learned that the petition against him had been struck out by the court in his favour. He was legally declared the rightful candidate for the seat he occupied in the Taraba State House of Assembly. Apart from being a member of his state’s House of Assembly, he also doubles as the Deputy Minority Leader of the House. To God be the glory!



Mr Samuel Durojaiye, a Nigerian based in the UK, was embattled and confused, his career as a financial service provider hit by the then global economic melt-down. For five years, he was out of employment, barely managing to survive with his family. His wife discovered Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN while researching on spiritual matters via the internet. Convinced from what he had seen of the man of God and his ministry on YouTube, Mr Durojaiye made up his mind to visit The SCOAN in search of solution.

After arriving in Nigeria after a 28 year absence, Mr Durojaiye visited The SCOAN on a Sunday and received a prophetic revelation from the man of God. Walking straight to him, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked him, “Have they shared the will?” He suddenly felt a mighty force coming towards him as the man of God prayed for him. The presence of God he felt after the prayer, gave him the assurance that his problems were over from that moment. Leaving The SCOAN, he visited his family home for the first time in almost three decades and was surprised to discover that an in-law had recently passed on and his will was being fought over – exactly as prophesied.

Back in the UK, he ministered the Morning Water to his family, house and documents. Shortly afterwards, Mr Durojaiye submitted an application to become a member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants in the UK and was accepted. With this advancement, he started his own firm and life began to take a promising turn. Business started flowing in from different angles as he placed the Morning Sticker placed on all the doors of his office. Distinguished professionals chased him with jobs. He became an accountant of choice and a mortgage adviser. He was subsequently appointed as an independent mortgage adviser for a UK firm with a fantastic remuneration package. He now manages more than 250 business portfolios and has embarked on a massive building project on the plots of land he had left lying fallow in Nigeria for many years. Mr. Durojaiye is full of gratitude to God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN to bring substance and meaning into his once meaningless life.

Those who are rich in every sense of the Word of God understand that life is a learning experience.
When we accept adversity enduring every pain, then we will learn what we should know;
our grief will turn to gain.


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