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On Sunday 23 August, 2015, the congregation at The SCOAN extolled the name of God as the Emmanuel Singers raised praises to God centred on the Word. No doubt, the grace of God is upon His people and His banner over them is love. Evangelist Rikhard took the church on an excursion into the scriptures with his message titled

THE SECRET OF OUR STRENGTH.He encouraged Christians to hold on to God and their faith even in the face of a world full of troubles and discouraging situations, noting that the secret of our strength as Christians lie in our unshakeable faith in God and His Word. “When the three Hebrew men, in Daniel 3, faced the fiery furnace, they never changed their confession. When Joseph found himself in life-threatening circumstances, he never abandoned his dream. When David slipped into moral failure, he never stayed there. When Job lost it all, he never lost his faith. When Jesus Christ, the Son of God hung on the Cross and people said it was the end, Jesus boldly declared that the end has not yet come; the best is yet to come”. In other words, the secret of the Christian’s strength is his or her unshaken faith in God in the face of harsh and unpleasant circumstances.


INSPECTOR SAARA NDINELAGU SAKARIASergeant Saara Sakarias introduction to Emmanuel TV by a friend became the precursor to the glorious turn her life eventually took. Upon installing the cable in her home, she spent most of her time watching the power of God on display via the channel. By July, 2013, her faith had developed to the extent that she made her way to Nigeria to come and worship at The SCOAN. Before travelling back home, the sergeant had the opportunity to receive the Morning Water and the Morning Sticker.

Upon return to her native Namibia, Sergeant Sakaria called on God through the mighty name of Jesus to come and turn things around in her life and career as she was yet to be promoted in the last eight years. She made this supplication while ministering the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name. She specifically asked God to break every chain holding her destiny in bondage and appealed to Him to take her where He pleases.
One afternoon, while watching Emmanuel TV, a friend called to congratulate her on her promotion from the rank of Sergeant to Inspector. By the time she confirmed her promotion, it was discovered that she was actually given double promotion. Today, Inspector Sakaria is a commissioned police officer and the overall commander in her station. Displaying her promotion letter before the congregants at The SCOAN, Inspector Sakaria also revealed that she had received a brand new car to enhance her duties in her new capacity. She advised people all over the world to have faith in God and stay connected to experience God’s goodness in their lives.



The atmosphere was tense, swelling in suspense as an evangelist ministered the Morning Water on a woman possessed ofMISS KHATUNA KAKHELI an evil spirit trying to defy all efforts made to cast it out. The more the evangelist ministered the Morning Water, the more the demon protested, challenging the evangelist with boasts that he owns his victim’s life, “I am an ancient dragon spirit; I am very old. She is mine. I have many powers”. At one point, Prophet T.B.Joshua communicated to the evangelist a superior spiritual strategy which eventually brought the demon to its knees, in Jesus’ name. After her deliverance, Miss Khatuna Kakheli, a Georgian national based in Spain shared the intriguing but sad story of her life under the influence of a stubborn dragon spirit that almost ruined her entire existence.

The problem had started from her childhood when she was barely six years old. She had a dream of the dragon spirit strangling her repeatedly for several nights. Because of that experience, she was scared of sleeping in dark places and only enjoyed her sleep whenever the room was lit. The problem persisted into adulthood and saw her go from one church to the other in search of solution, all to no avail. The dragon spirit spread its evil tentacles around the family, destroying anyone who attempted to help her. An uncle who tried to help her mysteriously died in a motor accident and her own father became a victim to cancer. Her mother was not spared from the vicious onslaught of the demon as her ailing leg was confirmed for amputation. On Khatuna’s own part, the spirit ensured that she never made good use of her adult life as she was also diagnosed with cancer and suffered bleeding for six months. As a young woman of marriageable age, most of the suitors that came her way were drug addicts, mafia members and other men of questionable character.
She became a vagabond, leaving her native country and heading to Spain on foot under the rebellious influence of the dragon spirit in company of a friend – birds of the same feather. They traversed seven different countries on foot before reaching Spain. No iota of fear ever popped up in her mind as she was destined for total annihilation by the dragon spirit. Back home in Georgia, the cycle of doom was far from abating as her family lost everything resulting to the homelessness of her parents.
In the midst of all the troubles facing her life, she made up her mind to find a lasting solution to a problem that has torn her life and those of other family members apart for too long. It was that sincere quest for redemption and salvation that brought her to The SCOAN where the Almighty once again proved that He is omnipotent. Her deliverance was herculean but was worth all the hassle that came with it. Even her father who suffered from cancer revealed his gradual healing since she was delivered.

Miss Khatuna Kakheli was beaming with smiles as she testified before a congregation that shared in her joy. Thanking God for her deliverance, she urged the congregants and people all over the world to continue to seek for their deliverance, confident that Jesus is their Deliverer.

Mr and Mrs Uche Nwoke were not a happy couple at all. Shedding of tears became a recurring activity in their marriage.MR & MRS UCHENNA NWOKEAfter several years of living as husband and wife, the cry of a child was not heard in their midst. Repeated visits to the doctors showed that Mrs Uche had multiple fibroids and required surgeries to be able to practicalise her dream of bearing a child. But rather than dance to the tune of the doctors, the couple agreed and opted to visit The SCOAN.

When they arrived, they were privileged to meet with the man of God who laid hands on Mrs Uche, prayed for her and gave her the Morning Water. By the time the couple got home, they ministered the Morning Water in prayer and continued their normal lives as husband and wife. To their joy, Mrs Uche became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. In addition to their bundle of joy, God also used the man of God to secure Mr Uche’s land and provided him with the resources to construct a two-storey building on the same land. Today, the family lives together in their own house with their baby.
Both husband and wife expressed their heart-felt appreciation to God for using The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua to wipe away their tears. They encouraged people to use the Morning Water and experience the power of God in it.

MR ONYA ADOL & FAMILYMr Onya Adol had accompanied his children to church for thanksgiving and was returning home when six men wielding AK 47 assault rifles accosted him by the gate of his house and whisked him away in their vehicle. Mrs Adol was alerted about her husband’s abduction by one of the house staff and immediately swung into action, placing his picture on the screen of Emmanuel TV and praying in Jesus’ name. The next day, she reached out to The SCOAN through one of the prayer hotlines, explained her story to the prayer warrior and was relieved when she received a return call from Prophet T.B. Joshua. After listening to Mrs Adol narrate her ordeal, the man of God prophesied that her husband would be released, in Jesus’ name. At the same time, as the kidnappers drove Mr Adol to their hideout, he ministered the Morning Water and committed his life into the hands of the Almighty God.

From that moment, things started happening to the abductors. One of their vehicle’s front tyres burst and affected the swiftness of their operation. While they fixed the tyre, they made arrangements to convey their captive on a motorbike to their destination. Mr Adol was tied and taken on a motorbike to the creeks and dumped inside a boat. A ransom of one hundred and fifty thousand naira was placed on his head.
It was beating galore as the abductors flogged their victim. They insisted that someone had paid them to kill him and wanted him to free himself from ‘death row’. They had even dug a makeshift grave for his burial. But the more they beat him, the more resolute he became in his prayers; he ministered the Morning Water continuously and prayed with the Faith Bracelet. Mr Adol then saw Prophet T.B. Joshua appear to him, assuring him of his freedom, in Jesus’ name. All efforts to squeeze money out of his family hit the brick wall. In frustration, the captors dismembered his Faith Bracelet. But as soon as they did that, they became repentant, begging him to plead with Prophet T.B. Joshua to forgive them, claiming it was a mistake. In fact, one of them never laid a hand on him from the very beginning because he had discovered that Mr Adol had a connection with T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN.

In the ensuing confusion after they had asked for forgiveness for dismembering the Faith Bracelet, they made up their mind to release him. They called his family and directed them to where they would find their father. To God be the glory, Mr Adol was finally released and returned to his family.

Thanking God at The SCOAN, Mr Adol, in the company of his wife and children, praised the name of the Lord for rescuing him from his abductors. He urged the congregation to hold on to God and admonished Nigerians to appreciate what God has done for them by sending his servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua to their nation.


MR OJUMITEMr Ojum Ite from Rivers, Nigeria, was stuck in the mud of stagnation for 31 years. As a staff in the state civil service, he was on level 4 since 1984. Most of the people employed after him became his superiors as he inexplicably languished in hopelessness and confusion. As he carried on with his discouraging life, he had come across Emmanuel TV in a friend’s house. Impressed by what he saw – the wonderful demonstration of God’s power – he vowed that he must visit The SCOAN and prayed to God not to let his own blessings pass him by.

When he got to The SCOAN, he received the Morning Water and returned home in high spirits, ministering it with faith and prayer. When time for promotion came, he prepared himself, ministered the Morning Water and headed to face the panel. Realising that one must present an approval letter before he or she is qualified for promotion, he called on God to help him through the medium of the Morning Water as he had no approval letter but needed the promotion earnestly. He prayed that the approval letter should not be the stumbling block between him and his promotion. When he was called and asked about his approval letter, a voice answered and defended him explaining to the panel that though he had applied for the letter, it was not given to him. And so on that basis, the head of the panel declared that he be promoted from level 4 to level 8 – a management level with a handsome pay package.

Mr Ite praised God for his promotion and also advised people all over the world, especially Nigerians, to begin to appreciate the gift of God to them in the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua.



Recurrent miscarriages and the loss of her first husband made Mrs Sarah Mensah’s life a miserable lot. Doctors haddiscovered that her womb was too weak to carry a baby, hence the barrenness. She faced the social stigma associated with women who cannot bear children. To make matters worse, all her siblings, including the younger ones have all had their own children but her case remained a mystery. She tried everything for eight years to have a child but it all ended in futility. Fortunately for her, a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV and inspired her visit to The SCOAN.

At The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water and returned to her native Ghana. Back home, she ministered the Morning Water together with her husband and prayed for the fruit of the womb. A few weeks later, she noticed she was pregnant. In spite of her doubts, the foetus developed and survived till the ninth month. When she was about to deliver, the devil came playing a prank; the doctor told her she would have to give birth through operation but she would have none of that expensive joke.

As her faith led her, she delivered her baby successfully without operation. Holding her baby as she testified before the elated congregation, Mrs Mensah expressed much gratitude to God and urged viewers all over the world to put their trust in God.

Miss Stephanie Norvor suffered untold hardship to the extent that it was difficult to find food to eat. She struggled with life and found herself being exploited by men. Her search for grace remained unbreakable and eventually yielded fruit. She came across Emmanuel TV in a friend’s house and fell in love with the way the man of God gave to the needy and this motivated her to become an Emmanuel TV Partner. As she became a partner, the wind of fortune began to blow towards her. Her life started taking a promising turn; her bead-making business began to boom. She rented a very big apartment with all necessary facilities and used it as an office where she displayed her products and trained students in bead-making. A young woman who could not feed herself is now offering employment and training to others. It could only be God. Wives of the affluent, politicians and celebrities patronise her regularly as money keeps flying into her bank account. Her life of lack and poverty is now in the dustbin of history as prosperity has taken over. Testifying before the congregation in company of a friend, Miss Norvor thanked God for lifting her from grass to grace and urged people to partner with God through Emmanuel TV Partnership.



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