by thetbjoshuafanclub


It was Palm Sunday 2016, commemorating the triumphant entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. The choir captured the scenario and animated the service with songs of praise to the Most High, reassuring Him of their resolve to serve Him forever. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in a message titled A VISIT WITH GOD, urged Christians to attune themselves with God and position themselves properly to receive His blessings.


He analysed the problem of belief and gave an explanation on how to ignite this principle in the light of God’s Word: “The problem of believing is made easy if you know that it is acting on what God has spoken.” In other words, our faith will only move mountains and make great things happen when we realise that faith is acting on what God has spoken. According to the man of God, “Believing demands action. The Spirit makes us know that believing is possessing.” Christians can only possess their possessions when they believe God’s Word and act upon it by faith.


Earlier, Evangelist Racine, in a message titled GOD’S STANDARD OF LOVE, had reminded Christians all over the world on the urgent need to live according to the example set by God when He sacrificed His only begotten Son for the redemption of the world. He urged them to uphold the principles Christ stood for: “This is time to give our kindness, love and faithfulness. It is time for sober reflection.” Concluding, Evangelist Racine, explained what Christ’s standard of love stands for: “Christ’s standard of love never gives up and always gives way for reconciliation.” He thereafter encouraged Christians to walk in the path of love.

Master Somtochukwu Achumie, a secondary school boarding student from Anambra State was complaining of an inexplicable and recurrent illness that forced him to leave school for home on three different occasions. Heavy fever, cold, severe headache, hotness of the legs, stomach ache and chest pain were symptoms that characterised his experience and made life agonising for the lad. His complaints led his parents to The SCOAN to worship God and to get the Morning Water for their ailing son.


Returning home and receiving the Morning Water from his parents Somtochukwu went back to school, ministered it and complained of a terrible feeling inside of him. At that juncture, he insisted on coming back home. Back home, his father knew something was amiss spiritually and instructed his wife to minister the Morning Water on their son who had already asked for tea. Ministering the Morning Water into his tea, the young student took a sip and became more troubled, complaining that something was moving from his belly towards his throat. As his mother ministered more of the Morning Water on him, he vomited seven pins and fainted. He was thereafter revived after his mother ministered more of the Morning Water on him.

Testifying to his son’s healing and revival, Mr Achumie and his wife never knew that their son belonged to a secret cult. It was the man of God, through prophetic insight that made the revelation which was corroborated by the lad. He recounted how he was initiated when he was in Junior Secondary Three by a friend who lured him into a bush where he was flogged and inducted into the cult. According to the man of God, those pins represented the mission of the cult and were not physically placed inside him but were commanded spiritually to enter him after he had taken blood as part of the initiation rites. The man of God directed his parents to change his school immediately.

Testifying in company of his visibly emotional wife, Mr Achumie thanked God for saving the life of his son. The man of God admonished Christians all over the world to love everyone but not to trust anyone except God.

For twenty years, Mrs Opelore Alli was in the wilderness of life. Peace of mind and joy were overtaken by agonies and endless pain. She had been diagnosed with multiple fibroids and heavy bleeding. All the hospitals she went to could not solve the problem, not even the spiritual homes she was taken to by well-wishers. She kept on crying day and night until she encountered the man of God at The SCOAN where she was given the Morning Water.


Receiving the Morning Water, Mrs Alli began praying profusely. Ministering the Morning Water amid those fervent prayers, she was faith-filled and sure God would do something in her life. In a matter of minutes after ministering the Morning Water, a very big and ugly-looking fibroid came out of her body. Since then, all the pain and bleeding have stopped for good. “Whatever situation you are passing through, give God time. He can use any medium to set you free,” she advised the congregation while thanking God for wiping away her age-long tears!




Mr Cheniku Killian would sit in the beer parlour and make jest of the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua, saying that he was fake. The Cameroonian who derived pleasure in womanising and drinking alcohol found solidarity in fellow drunkards who would vilify the man of God whenever they gathered in their assembly. He was not aware that he had a huge problem and continued to wallow in self-deception, thinking that casting aspersions on the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua was a worthwhile thing to do. A man who abandoned his pretty wife in the village just to mess around with irresponsible women, was definitely tormented by spirits and needed deliverance but there he was, reviling a man, to whom he should have run, for spiritual help.


One day, as he sat watching football on television, he inadvertently stumbled on Emmanuel TV. As he watched the life-changing channel, he came across different testimonies about people who had been delivered from yokes like the ones he was under. Instead of praising God for His wonderful works, he continued his mockery, saying they were all fake. But a voice in him kept admonishing him to tarry awhile and listen to the Word of God coming from Prophet T.B. Joshua via Emmanuel TV. The constancy of that gentle voice persuaded him into having a rethink.

The first attraction was the statement from the man of God that “…when you sin don’t run away from God, run to Him.” The power in those words brought him back to his senses as he began to realise that no matter the sins he had committed against God, there was still an opportunity for repentance and redemption. As he stretched out his hands to the TV screen to join the man of God in prayer, he felt a great shock even before his hand touched the screen and immediately, he saw a complete being walk out of his body.

Since that day, his life has changed for the better. He has reunited with his wife and now has affection for her. His drinking and womanising problems are over. Even his once stagnant business has now been restored. Thanking God for his new life, in company of his wife, he left the following advice for people: “If you find yourself condemning a man of God, go on your knees and ask for mercy.”



Dr and Mrs Hilarius Abiwu had been married for five years but were torn apart by certain issues that remained unresolved for so long. As a medical doctor with so many professional obligations, Dr Abiwu hardly had time for his wife. But most importantly, interferences from his mother in-law worsened the whole thing. The usual intimacy that characterises a blissful marriage was absent in their case to the extent that Dr Abiwu no longer had even an iota of affection for his wife. Even the wedding ring on his finger was nowhere to be found – a sign that he was disgruntled with the marriage.

For five years, the couple lived like two walls apart. It was an agonising episode for his wife, who could not fathom the reason the flame of love in their lives was losing its glow. In her seeming confusion, she visited The SCOAN and was spotted during a Sunday service by the man of God through prophetic insight. “I am seeing a broken home… This is the problem of your family – there is divorce”, said the man of God as he referred to her case. Confirming the prophetic message amid profuse weeping, Mrs Abiwu received her deliverance through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, who afterwards invited her husband and mother in order to resolve the matter in the light of God’s Word.


Through divine wisdom, the man of God, after stating that the marriage was of God, mediated in the matter and admonished each party accordingly. He finally reconciled the couple and also ensured that the wife’s mother would not overreach her boundaries in future.
In spite of the misgivings they had harboured against each other, the couple are now living in total peace! Testifying to the rekindling of their love for each other and the restoration of their marriage, the couple thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring joy back into their lives. Dr Abiwu also confirmed that the reconciliation has brought many blessings into his life, especially in his professional career which has continued to experience progress upon progress. The pain and hurt of the past have been overtaken by love, promotion, awards and great hope for the future. The couple advised people to have faith in God and make His Word the standard for their lives. They also admonished Christians not to run away from challenges but to dig deep and fight them through in prayer.



Mr Sumaila Benjamin from Edo state, Nigeria, was afflicted with the spirit of man. The problem started when he was between the ages of 16 and 17. Then, he was working for a boss who allowed him and other male workers to sleep together as a group, but he had always noticed that while he slept, someone always came to pull his trousers down. After noticing that aberration, he took steps to tighten his trousers in order to check the excesses of the ‘nocturnal marauder’. He eventually caught the man in question and reported the matter to his boss.

Notwithstanding the punishment meted out to the culprit, a spiritual damage had been done to his life. His urge for same-sex relations increased and continued to torment him. He experienced setback in everything he put his hand to. Tired with the turn his life had taken, he visited The SCOAN where he had an encounter with God through Prophet T.B. Joshua.

During that historic Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked up to him, prophesying, “You have the spirit of a man. Suddenly, the spirit came upon you. You have a kind of passion for men… when you see a man, it is like you see a woman.” After the prophecy, Mr Benjamin was delivered and declared free from that bad spirit. During his testimony, Mr Benjamin thanked God for his deliverance. According to him, things have since changed in his life. He is no longer attracted to men and has overcome all the setbacks that were caused by his passion for men. He has the following advice for people all over the world: “Run to God, no matter the problem you are going through.”


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