by thetbjoshuafanclub

“Open the floodgates in abundance… And cause your rain to fall on me” The foregoing hymn by the choir connected with the message of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua titled, POWER FROM ABOVE.  Even as congregants savoured the symphonic menu from the choir, their hearts were undoubtedly expectant of goodies from up above and thus inspired them to sing and dance along with passionate intensity. In his message, the man of God called on Christians to realise that only those who are connected to God above are capable of performing great exploits. He observed that such people are not controlled by their own human reasoning but by God’s Spirit which guides them and directs them on what to do at every given time: “You can only get these qualities from God. Those who have these qualities, a suggestion always comes from the Spirit that the action be performed.” In other words, those who are connected to the power from above always get their instructions and directions from God and do not rely on their own thinking.


Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua stated that it is only through the help of the Holy Spirit that one can claim to be a Christian: No one can say ‘I am a Christian’ without the help of the Holy Spirit.” According to him, there are many problems in the world today because people who are not grounded in the Word are parading themselves as Christians whereas the Spirit is not in them: “When one is not grounded in the Word, there will be nothing there for the Spirit to remind you of.”


The man of God left the following takeaway for Christians who wish to be connected to the power from above: “The Spirit is released to the degree you stand in reverence of God’s Word. God’s Word refreshes our mind and God’s Spirit renews our strength.”


During the Mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the onslaught against the kingdom of darkness, taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus to order the release of careers, finances, health, promotion and progress that had been bound by satan and his agents. There were also powerful prophecies that set many captives free through the power of deliverance in Jesus’ name.

Earlier, in her message titled, TODAY’S PASSPORT FOR TOMORROW’S JOURNEY, Evangelist Fanny admonished Christians not to allow the challenges of life overwhelm them to the extent that they lose sight of the glory ahead.


She particularly warned against self-imprisonment through the preoccupation of our minds with worry. According to her, such state of mind undermines God’s purpose for our lives: “Many of us are not free; many of us are imprisoned.” Instead of worrying themselves with the uncertainties of tomorrow, Evangelist Fanny urged Christians to “Live to use today’s supply and let tomorrow be.”




Ms Danny Ekalle Babette came to The SCOAN to testify to the salary increment she received from her employer. The Cameroonian national resident in Abuja had sent a prayer request to The SCOAN asking for an increase in her remuneration as well as that of her workers and was assured that her prayers were answered via a reply to her mail. Overwhelmed by the miracle and moved by the spirit of thanksgiving, she proceeded to The SCOAN to share the good news with the people of God. Unknown to her, the man of God had a prophecy for her.


She was almost leaving the church when the man of God prophesied that there was a woman who had the spirit of woman in the church. As soon as she heard the prophecy, she ran towards the man of God who laid hands on her and delivered her from the spirit that had made a mess of her life. Confirming the prophecy, Ms Babette gave frightening accounts of how the spirit of woman tormented her life and made her lose affection for her husband. According to her, she found herself having nightmares in which worms would come out of her private parts. After those nightmares, she would rebuff every move for intimacy made by her husband; it got to a point that their marriage totally collapsed as the spirit in her refused to accept him as a husband. She was totally lost in affection for females until she encountered God at The SCOAN.



Mrs Patience Amoyaw was introduced to female affection by her childhood friend twenty years ago. That friend became her sex partner and night-crawling cohort. They would go clubbing together, smoking and drinking themselves to stupor. The ugly trend continued through the years up till the moment she met her husband. She refused any form of friendship with men but was always attracted to her fellow women at the slightest opportunity. She accepted to marry her husband not out of love but out of a design to deceive the world. Trouble became obvious when after their marriage, she refused all sexual advances from her husband. Even when she agreed to his advances, she would direct the whole drama by teaching him how to sleep with her. She preferred to sneak out of the house to go and be with fellow women.


She had come to The SCOAN with her husband with the problem of barrenness but during the mass prayer, the spirit of woman tormenting her was exposed and she was delivered. After receiving deliverance from the man of God, Mrs Amoyaw is back to her normal self. She now has affection for her husband and is very remorseful about all she had done to him. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, mediated in their reconciliation and in the rekindling of their marital affection. He urged them to live in peace as man and wife.


Chief John Ugboma Obi was born into a very fetish family. His paternal grandmother, grandfather and father were all native doctors. After listening to his mother’s account of how she lost all her children except him, he became more convinced on the need to fortify himself in the dark arts in order to protect his life but unknown to him, he was gradually dining with the devil without the proverbial long spoon. He became an adherent of the river goddess and kept totems of her worship in his house. His wife’s reservations about his fetish engagements and their futility fell on deaf ears as he was not ready to disassociate himself from them.


Somehow, he got to know about Emmanuel TV through one of his children. Though, he developed interest in viewing the station, it was not without some level of scepticism. He took most of the miracles he saw on Emmanuel TV with a pinch of salt and decided to visit The SCOAN on a confirmatory mission. Having visited and confirmed that God was indeed at The SCOAN, his perception and mindset changed. As he made to return to his home, he received the Morning Water from the man of God. On getting home, he decided to evacuate all the fetish items in his house. After emptying his house of all unholy materials, a battle soon ensued.


The evil forces fought back. They attacked his daughter’s health and almost truncated her educational aspirations. On several occasions, she would collapse and convulse with doctors suggesting different causes only for her father to minister the Morning Water on her to revive her. Even on occasions when she was far away from her father, he would minister the Morning Water through the phone and pray for her and her condition would improve. The greatest threat to her health came when she was about to sit for her bar exams at the Law School. A day to the exams, she fell ill. As the information reached her father, he ministered the Morning Water on her picture inside his phone and prayed for her. Moments later, the terribly ill young woman was strong enough to sit for the exams and afterwards, she came out with flying colours.


Today, his daughter, Miss Ndidi Obi, is a qualified lawyer having been successfully called to the Nigerian bar. Thanking God for their daughter’s successful completion of her education, Chief and Mrs Obi urged people to believe in Jesus and to minister the Morning Water as a power-packed material sent to mankind by God for healing and deliverance. On her part, their daughter advised people all over the world to embrace and minister the Morning Water even if they don’t come in contact with the man of God.


For Mr and Mrs Bannerman Henry, it was fourteen years of anguish and suspended hope as they waited desperately for the fruit of the womb. The Ghanaian couple went through untold social embarrassment, especially whenever they came in contact with friends and associates who had children. It was always a sorrowful experience for Mrs Bannerman. All efforts to get help yielded nothing except the medical report that showed the couple had issues with their reproductive health. While the husband was diagnosed with low sperm count, his wife was diagnosed with multiple fibroids and irregular menstruation. All the medications they consumed did not help.


The discovery of Emmanuel TV would later add value to their lives. Inspired by the miracles they had observed via the channel, they visited The SCOAN and received prayers from the man of God at the Prayer Line. Before they returned to Ghana, they also received the Morning Water. A few days after ministering the Morning Water, Mrs Bannerman discovered some thick and pale substance coming out of her body. Months later, she was confirmed to be five months pregnant.


Today, they are blessed with a bouncing baby girl against all odds. Even though, doctors had hinted she would undergo a caesarean section, she went on to deliver her baby naturally after her husband ministered the Morning Water on her. The couple thanked God for His grace upon their lives and urged people to look up to Him in all things.


Mr Olagunju Joseph Owosola was on his way to The SCOAN to submit a business proposal when he ran into a gang of armed robbers operating on the road along the Ikorodu, Lagos axis. As they flagged him down, he discovered that three people had been shot and their blood littered the road. He received hot slaps as they asked him where he was heading to. He told them he was going to church and unknowingly angered them the more as they pointed a gun to his head, asking for his Bible. It was at that point that he told them he was going to the church of Prophet T.B. Joshua to submit a proposal.


On hearing the name T.B Joshua, the robbers immediately asked him to go away, accusing him of spoiling the day for them. For Mr Owosola who had been a doubter of Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN, he had never in his life experienced such a miracle in which the name of a person could save him from the venom of armed robbers. Urging people to see the man of God as a true Prophet sent from Heaven, he regretted his former state of doubt and unbelief and thanked God for saving his life.


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