Greetings MATHIAS

Greetings MATHIAS                                                                      4/15/2016 10:01:04 PM
Thank you for submitting your application. I am your assigned Admissions Counselor Maria Montoya here to assist you. I wonder if you realize all the benefits you will receive when you earn this Bachelor Degree.  But do not invest in this Bachelor if you are only going to put in on your desk and never use it. First please answer the questions below to see if you even meet our requirements. After answering the questions, see below in Section F some of our Great Former AIU Students like former presidents from Zambia and Malawi. A.I.U. is an Online Distance Learning University where you are able to get a valuable U.S. University Education. In order to qualify for our program, you must demonstrate you are self-disciplined and goal-oriented. Through hard work, most students earn their degree within 24 months or sooner. So, are you currently satisfied with your life, or would you be interested in a more successful future after you receive your degree from AIU?

To be able to get you pre-approved for admission to A.I.U. I need you to first answer a few questions to confirm that you even meet our admission requirements.
1. What is the highest level of Education you have completed? Please send your Resume or Curriculum Vitae to review. Also send a copy of your highest level of education.
2. What Degree and in what Field are you looking to do?
3. Where do you work and for how long? What is your job title? If you do not work, how are you planning to pay for your tuition studies?
4. What is your date of birth? How important is it for you to continue your education?
5. We are only 100% On-Line, Distance Learning Program, with no campus learning. Is this the type of educational experience that meets your needs?
6. If admitted, how soon would you like to start your program? (If you also qualify for financial assistance, to accept it, you enroll within 1-2 weeks giving you enough time to make the best decision.)
NOTE: If your answers meet our minimum requirements; I will be contacting you and answer any questions you have and discuss our programs in further detail. We receive over 100 new inquiries every day. So only serious applicants will be assisted.

B) AIU IS A RESEARCH OPEN CURRICULUM UNIVERSITY: AIU is an adult education system of learning wherein the most empowered figure in the educational process is the student themselves.
This means self-government, you self-direct yourself the way you want to learn and only what you want to learn. AIU wants Students to assume greater control over their own learning and future with guidance from our tools and resources through our Virtual Campus “Student Webpage” You develop yourself independently. With AIU there is no-set standard Curriculum for any Degree Program. Every student has the Freedom to create their own curriculum that fits their career and industry best by only choosing the courses you need. With our Unique Open Curriculum University, all the assignments you learn from and present to your Academic Advisor are research based and utilize the AIU Online Library as a primary source. You need to have the discipline and the ability to work independently or you cannot be accepted.

* Your Exclusive Virtual Campus (Student Webpage). Available 24 hours a day.
• Study at home, office or cyber café when it’s convenient for you. You begin with Phase 1 Your Orientation, Phase 2 Curriculum Program Phase 3 Final Project & Phase 4 Graduation Ceremony in the States.
Access your updated transcript at all times with Grades and Credits you earned. Also upload your research assignments for your academic advisor to review and grade.
• Online Library access to 1.2 billion bibliographical references, 60 million full text journals, articles & periodicals, 135,000 Books in electronic format to assist you in your curriculum/program.
• Contact Student Services, your Academic Tutor and your Academic Advisor. Access learning resources anytime. See video conferences or examples to guide you through the 4 phases of your program.
• 4 minute video about AIU University Programs:

ASIC stands for Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities” which is an international accrediting agency based in the UK.  Also IAO =  International Accreditation Organization:  Also ACI = Accrediting Commission International.
• AIU is incorporated in the state of Hawaii. As a University based in the U.S. AIU meets all state and federal laws of the United States. AIU follows the same standards used by all U.S. colleges and universities.
• See some of our AIU graduates have Positive Opinions of their studies with us:  Video Interviews  and  Testimonials
• We have over 10,000 students in over 120 countries which gives AIU its international presence, enabling students world-wide and leaving them with a vast international professional network of AIU Alumni.
• AIU can provide its Graduates with International Recognition of their Degrees by way of securing an Apostille from the U.S. Secretary of State, which facilitates its Authenticity and International Recognition.
• You may also have your degree Certified and Authenticated in Washington, DC, where the documents will be signed by the Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry.

E) STUDENTS PUBLISHED WORK: The Great, Unique And Unrepeatable Campus Mundi Magazine for Students!
Felix Ale: Graduated and completed a Doctorate Program in Journalism at AIU. Has Published yet another 3 articles through Grin Publishing as e-books after his recent article: “New Media and a Democratic Society:
Regina Maambo: Regina has written five articles that she has developed during her studies with AIU, which have been recognized and published through Social Science Research Network.
Abdou L. J. Jammeh: is currently organizing a weekly program on a National Radio and Television Station in Gambia. Abdou has recently completed a Master’s program in Education:
• More Student Publications:

Fidel Casimiro: First Secretary of Angola in Ghana. Margaret Kaniki: Senior Inspector of Compliance at Central Bank of Zambia. Sunday Oluden: Director Central Bank of Nigeria
Former President of Malawi Joyce Banda her Testimonial after graduating:
Late President of Zambia Michael Sata:
Carlos Roberto Rossi: President of Realmind Human Resources Consultancy in Ecuador and dual Doctorate program enrollee with AIU
AIU Alumni Association: I look forward to every student I enroll to eventually become a Part of Our AIU Alumni Association:  • Cum Laude • Summa Cum Laude • Magna Cum Laude

Maria Montoya
Admissions Counselor  See Me our Faculty and Staff or put their name in the search box
Atlantic International University
900 Fort Street Mall-40 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Main Office: (1)808-521-1868
Direct:           (1)808-215-0439  ext. 2104
Fax:               786- 520-3084

“Education is the best investment for you, your family and your future.


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