The SCOAN Sunday service of April 17, 2016 witnessed God’s Spirit in action from different angles. While the choir reeled out inspirational tunes, congregants poured out their heart-felt prayers to the Throne of Grace even as many of them received prophecies and deliverance as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the Mass Prayer. Speaking on the unfailing nature of God and the importance of His Word to sustain us each day, he said, “You can never be consistent in your doings, in good times, bad times and worst times without God’s help.”


Prophet T.B. Joshua

Evangelist Angela’s Message – HOME IS A HEART GOD DWELLS called on Christians to profess their Christianity from the heart. She urged them to imbibe the love of God that flows directly from within and not the hypocritical and deceptive type that has pervaded the world. She said, “Christianity lies in the heart. A man, Christian in profession yet not such in heart, deceives his own soul. This is the job satan wants you to do – deception. He wants you to forget God and focus on yourself. He wants you to forget all God has given you and focus on what you do not have. He wants you to forget where you are going and get lost in his distractions. Judas walked with the Roadmap but could not follow His directions. His heart could not find home.”

EVAG. ANGELA 2Evangelist Angela


Admonishing Christians to be wary of the fact that we live in an unbelieving world with so many unbelieving and doubting Thomases, she concluded by urging everyone to draw closer to God through their heart, stressing that it is only when we are connected to God in Spirit that we can overcome the antics of satan and his crowd of unbelievers who prowl around the world looking for hearts to contaminate: “When we break free from that unbelieving crowd in our heart, we too will begin to share in the promise of Joseph. Our enemies may separate us from friends, relatives and country on the outside but they cannot separate us from the presence of the Lord. They may rob us of liberty and confine us in a prison cell but they cannot shut us out of the throne of mercy and communion with God.”



Dr Caroline Akachuku and her late husband while carrying out research in Harvard, during the 1988/89 academic session, had discovered a lot of forest food species courses that were not taught in Nigerian universities. Inspired by the passionate desire to contribute to the rise in food production, the couple returned to Nigeria in 1994 and championed the introduction of some new courses on forest food resources into the Nigerian university curriculum. Being novel and relevant, the courses were embraced by all faculties of Agriculture in Nigerian universities and all universities of Agriculture in the country through the National Universities Commission.

Through their efforts, many Nigerian graduates now engage in forest food production, especially Apiculture (Bee Keeping and Honey Production) which has become a major catalyst to other industries. Today, students from other African countries come to Nigeria to study these courses. She has continued to commit her energies towards initiatives that would help bolster an increase in food production in her country.

Sometime last year, Dr Akachuku saw an advertisement by an Israeli body inviting applications for a course on Better Bee Production and Pollination. Moved by her love for the course area, she applied. Before sending in her application, she ministered the Morning Water on it and asked God to make her one of those that would be chosen. True to her prayer, she was among the 20 applicants selected out of a total of 300 applications from all over the world. Having successfully attended the course and now back to Nigeria, Dr Akachuku came back to The SCOAN to testify to God’s goodness in her life as her selection from the very long list of applicants was made possible through the ministration of the Morning Water. She thanked God immensely for His grace and urged people all over the world to embrace God as He can use any medium to express Himself to us.




The unemployment index amongst the youth has remained alarming and calls for concerted efforts from both government and the organized private sector all over the world. How disheartening it has been for many parents to see their children graduate from school only to idle themselves away due to unemployment. But the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN is not resting on its oars in ensuring that Nigerians, irrespective of tribe and denomination, get gainfully employed in order to chart purposeful causes for their lives.

After three years of securing employment through the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN, 22 Nigerian graduates from different denominations came back to testify to God’s grace in their lives. All smiling and exuding great peace of mind, they took turns to explain the joy that God has brought into their lives through the scheme. They recalled with visible relief how difficult life was, in spite of their qualifications and grades, until the mighty hand of God located them through the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN. When they first visited The SCOAN, most of them were frustrated and were already considering other ignominious options but today, the goodness of God in their lives cannot be hidden.

Today, their histories have changed as the jobs provided for them by The SCOAN Youth Empowerment Programme served as a stepping stone for greater heights. They are now fully employed by the federal government of Nigeria.

Mr. Innocent Onwuegbuziem, a native of Delta state, Nigeria and a software/web developer came to The SCOAN jobless. A catholic by faith, he believed God would put an end to his unemployment at The SCOAN and it happened as he believed. He is now a lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti. His software and web development skills have endeared him to the school authorities who see him as a great asset. He developed the school’s ‘e-learning’ portal amongst other numerous contributions and has had opportunities to travel abroad for courses at the expense of the school.   Mr. Onwuegbuziem expressed so much gratitude to God for the radical transformation that his life has witnessed as he displayed the picture of his beautiful family to the congregants. “We were lifted from zeros to heroes”, he concluded.

Timothy Adeleke Ogundaini who was once unable to pay his bills is now gainfully employed. The pangs of hunger and penury have been dispersed by God’s intervention through the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN. There is enough food on the table now and he is even the owner of landed properties. Thanking God for the great change in his life, he advised the youths never to give up on life when things seem discouraging.

For Ebiloma Ojonugwa Martha, it was smiling galore as she shared her testimony. According to her, her case is memorable because it was the first day she stepped into the Arena of Liberty that the Youth Empowerment Programme was announced. To her joy, she was among those who were employed in Abuja through The SCOAN programme.  As a result, she has been able to fund her Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. Aside from taking care of her personal needs, she extends her love to the needy through acts of charity. She told the congregants, “God is real. Keep trusting in Him. He will do it for you as He did it for me.”

GRADUATES JOB CREATION TESTIMONYBeneficiaries Of The Job Creation Scheme Of The SCOAN



Mr Stephen Anigbo had taken his family out for shopping when he encountered kidnappers who ordered him to enter their car at gun point. Meanwhile, his wife and five children were inside his own car. They proceeded to open the door of his car, with his family still inside. Not knowing what to do, he began to shout, “Jesus!” The gunman and kidnappers tried to take his wife and children but only managed to snatch one of his sons. They said that if Mr Anigbo didn’t cooperate with them, they would hurt the child. They demanded a ransom of 20 million naira from him. Not able to pay, the kidnappers took the child.

MR STEPHEN ANIGBO & SONMr Stephen Anigbo And Son

Confused and emotionally traumatised, Mr Anigbo read The Mirror, written by Prophet T.B. Joshua and ministered the Morning Water devotedly. He got great inspiration from reading The Mirror and had faith that God would step into the matter. As policemen swung into action to rescue his son, well wishers thronged his house to encourage the family. The police, who had earlier asked for prayers for a successful rescue operation, eventually came with cheering news. They had rescued his son and arrested the kidnappers. Mr Anigbo and his entire family sang songs of praise to the Most High as they were reunited with their son. Testifying with so much elation, the father of five advised people all over the world to believe and trust in God in every situation.



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