The testimonies, soul-lifting songs of the choir and demonstration of God’s power via prophecy through Prophet T.B. Joshua made The SCOAN Sunday service of July 10, 2016 a worthwhile experience. The man of God enlightened believers all over the world on how satan uses his secrets to destroy man’s relationship with God. According to him, satan always aims to make Christians lose control so that they would act against the will of their Father in Heaven. “If you do not lose control, you cannot do the wrong thing”, he said. Prophet

PROPHET  T. B JOSHUAT.B. Joshua further revealed that satan causes people to lose control in order to lead them into destructive tendencies like killing, fighting, stealing, drunkenness and other shameful acts. “Satan causes people to lose control and commit all shameful acts.”


Concluding the enriching message, the man of God said it was sad that the whole world had lost control, a situation which has made it difficult for people to love their neighbours as themselves. He however admonished Christians to love without expectation, adding that the pursuit of material or classic ends should not be the basis for showing love or serving God.

In her message titled BEYOND OFFENCE, Evangelist Annette urged Christians all over the world to rise above the mundane strictures of holding on to offence. Citing the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers yet did not hold a grudge against them even when he became Prime Minister of Egypt, she admonished all to embrace forgiveness and look up to God, beyond offence. “Beyond offence, there God is,” she submitted.

EVANGELIST ANNETTEShe described offence as a terrible tool used by satan to imprison God’s children. “Offence is a trap, an effective instrument used by satan to trap you, imprison you and make you a bond servant.” Concluding, she called on Christians to be on their guard and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ who chose forgiveness even when He had the power to curse those who tormented and murdered Him on the cross for no offence of His own.



Miss Kelly Nkamanyi was only fifteen years-old when she absconded from home in Cameroon to mingle with bad friends – a development that left her mother severely heart-broken. Her father, a medical personnel was working in the United States then. His absence somewhat facilitated her waywardness as there was no one to guide her with the necessary iron fist. Her irresponsible lifestyle coupled with youthful exuberance continued until she became pregnant. The heavy burden of pregnancy and the challenges it brought forced the 15-year-old back to her mother who welcomed her with open arms, albeit with a subdued disappointment over her pregnancy.

MISS KELLY NKAMANYIKelly eventually gave birth to a baby boy but abandoned the child in her mother’s home and return to her wayward life. She had soon realised how tedious and devotional the life of a nursing mother was and determined she was not ready to face the stark realities of raising a child. Off she went again to continue gallivanting around with her friends. They would go to clubs and make themselves available to men who were only looking for women to satiate their unholy sexual appetites. Alcohol and drugs were the order of those days. In company of fellow prostitutes, she travelled to Lagos, Nigeria where she put up with another professional prostitute.

They would sleep all day but as soon as it was midnight, they would file out like a troop of hungry cats in search of their usual prey – irresponsible men who wanted the services of one, two and sometimes three girls at a time. The evil drama continued while her mother back in Cameroon was in mourning for a daughter whom she had not seen for years. Kelly had so much seeming fun in the vineyard of satan. She kept her family incommunicado about her whereabouts until one fateful day when she felt a sudden urge to call her sister, a phone call she had not made before. During the conversation, her elder sister told her she was in Nigeria to visit The SCOAN and invited her to join her. She reluctantly agreed but was sceptical, knowing that The SCOAN is a place where troubled souls like her can be delivered. After seeing Kelly for the first time in years, the sister gave her Morning Water, never divulging to her that the family had been praying with the Morning Water and Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV for her return. One night, after ministering the Morning Water into her bathing water and that of her friend in anticipation of their nocturnal flight to the club, the two birds of the same feather took their baths and uncharacteristically fell sleep, only to wake up by 5am. After discussing what to do after their strange behaviour, Kelly remembered the invitation to The SCOAN and as she arrived with her friend, it was evidently God’s power at work. Coincidentally, her father and mother were also waiting for her in the church. It was indeed a divine reconnection. That fateful Sunday, the man of God, through prophetic insight, called her out with the words, “Lost and found,” and delivered her in the mighty name of Jesus.

Testifying in company of her family, Miss Kelly Nkamanyi thanked God for her new life in Christ. According to her, all connections to the world have been severed by devotion to the Word of God. All those evil urges are no longer haunting her. She is free in Jesus’ name. In her advice to people all over the world, especially parents, she called on them to put their daughters in prayer whenever they are away from home.


Miss Mary Okoye developed masculine tendencies right from a tender age and grew up to find herself having a strong affection for fellow women. She continued to labour under that yoke for so long, to the extent that even her dressing portrayed her as a man and nobody really saw her as a woman. The evil spirit negatively affected her studies as she had to drop out of school after confrontations with cult groups and other gangs. When she realised that the problem was beyond her, she decided to visit The SCOAN for a solution.

MISS MARY OKOYE AND FAMILY (2)During aSundayservice, Prophet T.B. Joshua picked her out in the time of prophecy. During a session of powerful deliverance in the name of Jesus, the spirit of woman was successfully expelled from her life. Testifying in company of her mother and former partner, she told congregants that life has been more fulfilling since her deliverance. She no longer has affection for fellow woman. According to her, she has come to touch with her feminine nature and hopes to get married to a handsome man in the near future.

Also testifying, her former partner, Mrs Ajarat Asara, thanked God for her deliverance. She narrated how troubles in her marriage led her into having affairs with women. She however thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver her from the spirit of woman. According to her, the idea to come to The SCOAN for help was her initiative and she remains ever grateful to God for it.


For seventeen years, Mrs Ameze Shabafo had been into prostitution in faraway Republic of Benin. Her father had wanted her to marry an older man whom she did not like and in order to avoid a marriage against her will, she fled to Cotonou and settled there. She lived in a hotel where she sold her body to men. Sometimes, she slept with up to twenty men in a day. For seventeen years, she experienced a lot of spiritual problems. She would find herself in dreams where she would have sex with different men and swim in the river with strange people. She could not really understand why she was being ruthlessly manipulated by the evil spirit.

She actually came to The SCOAN looking for more men to boost her illicit business. However, the mercy of God located her while Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying to the congregation during penultimate Sunday service. The man of God, led by the Holy Spirit called her out and instantly delivered her. As she returned for her testimony, she was full of praise to God for giving her a second chance to serve him. She regretted all the atrocities she had committed with men as a prostitute. She advised all those still involved in prostitution to come back to Jesus just as she did and is now happier for it.



Mrs Angela Enrietti was Managing Director of a company which was hit by the winds of hardship. Knowing that she could not handle the problem with her human intelligence, she called on her mother and asked for the Morning Water. Her mother came down to Nigeria, received the Morning Water for her daughter and returned to South Africa. Mrs Enrietti and her husband started praying with the Morning Water and committed everything concerning their business into God’s hands. Within one month of using the Morning Water, things started changing and God granted wisdom to start a granite mining business.
All their debtors suddenly payed up and their business took off smoothly. Today, the granite mining company exports products to other countries. They have beeMRS ANGELA ENRIETTE AND MOTHERn able to acquire state of the art equipment, including a crane. They lack nothing today and are very happy that God has lifted them up once again. Testifying further, Mrs Enrietti also narrated how she was saved from a motor accident in a game park after ministering the Morning Water. According to her, even though the car she was driving somersaulted, she sustained no injuries as she saw the man of God pull her out from the wreckage of the car. Thanking God in company of her mother, she advised people to believe in God and His ability to heal, deliver and bring breakthrough in their lives.


Due to the many responsibilities she had to shoulder, Mrs Chengeto Chivasa needed a job badly after she had left her native Zimbabwe to join her husband in South Africa. All efforts to get a job yielded no fruit so she decided it was time to seek God’s face. In 2012, she visited The SCOAN and prayed at the altar, proclaiming that she had left all her burdens there and would not return to South Africa with them. She also received the Morning Water which she ministered wholeheartedly during prayers.MRS CHENGETO CHIVASAAs soon as she landed at the airport in her home country, the educator discovered that she had a lot of missed calls on her phone. One was from her former Head of Department who informed her that she had been looking for her and that she had a job for her. Visiting her the next day, she discovered that the job was a permanent one, dousing every fear she had initially harboured concerning the nature of the job. Though she was happy to have secured the job, the next hurdle she had to cross was getting a work permit. As at that time, she had none, even though she had applied. Citing her pedigree, the HOD agreed to allow her work and also gave her time to sort out her work permit.

Following up at the Home Affairs Department, she was told that her permits had been approved technically but that it would take some weeks to be released physically. Her HOD was not happy that she had not presented her work permit and was given just two days to present it or lose her job. While appealing that the Home Affairs Department, they received a call from their agent informing them that the certificates were with him. That very evening, she collected them and gave thanks to God.

According to Mrs Chivasa, she ministered the Morning Water at every stage of the application process. She thanked God for blessing her eventually after four tortuous years of joblessness. Today, they own their own house in South Africa and have also been blessed with beautiful cars. To wrap up her interesting testimony, Mrs Chivasa advised people all over the world to seek God with all their mind.


Ill health had threatened her academic aspirations as she was studying for her Master’s degree in the United Kingdom. Mrs Joyce Durojaiye continued to score very low and discouraging grades because her health condition did not allow her to concentrate. Bothered by the development, her husband advised her to visit The SCOAN. When she finally came, she met the man of God and also received the Morning Water. She had requested the man of God to pray for her physically but he told her he had done so in his heart.


As she returned to the United Kingdom and started ministering the Morning Water on all her academic work and assignments, her grades began to improve. By her final year, she scored distinction in all her courses. She was also given an award for writing the best dissertation for the year 2015 by the school authorities and was inducted as a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals. Testifying to God’s intervention in her matter in company of her husband and children, she advised people to trust in God with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding.


Mrs Rachael Obadiah-West had been suffering from osteoarthritis right from her younger days. The ailment usually became aggravated during the rainy seasons when she would accumulate a lot of fluid and cause her great discomfort. Her mother had taken her to a traditional bone healer who made an incision on her leg and drained out the fluid that had accumulated yet the problem persisted. After her secondary school education, she managed to work for a few years before travelling to the United Kingdom to further her education.

MRS RACHEL OBADIAH WESTMRS RACHEL 2While in the UK, during a particular winter season, the problem resurfaced and had to be examined by doctors over there. With state of the art medical facilities, an arthroscopy was carried out to determine the cause of the swelling on her leg as well as the accumulation of fluid. After the medical examination, it was discovered that she had suffered from a childhood bone fracture which eventually developed into the problem she was facing. She was given a leg brace to aid her movement. After some time, the problem subsided.

Returning to Nigeria in 2009, the problem reared its ugly head again, forcing her to visit an orthopaedic hospital and several churches in search of a permanent solution. By that time, her right leg was gradually becoming distorted; it was no longer straight. She received a lot of analgesics and had to endure so much pain. All her fasting and prayers rendered no help. She only ended up with ulcers. Even when a knee replacement surgery was suggested, it was discovered that it wouldn’t work for her. She had to resort to the use of the leg brace.

According to her, God ordered her steps and led her to The SCOAN in April, 2016. It was here that she got information about the special Prayer Line service of June 11, 2016 in commemoration of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s fifty-third birthday anniversary. On that special Saturday, the man of God laid hands on her and God healed her completely of the ailment that had troubled her for fifteen years. It was a dramatic atmosphere at the Prayer Line that day as she removed her knee brace and flung it away forever. Thanking God for her healing, Mrs Obadiah-West, radiating so much joy, left the following advice to people all over the world – “When you seek God first, He is going to make your life complete.”


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