The SCOAN Sunday service of July 17, 2016 provided a spiritual platform in furtherance of God’s communion with His people. The choir gave their all to prepare the minds of congregants with songs that ministered to their every situation in anticipation of receiving answers from Heaven. The awesome testimonies that followed demonstrated God’s permeating presence at the Arena of Liberty.


In his message titled, DON’T IGNORE YOUR CONSCIENCE, Prophet T.B. Joshua called on Christians all over the world to listen to their conscience as it is the connecting tool between them and God through the Holy Spirit. “We oftentimes ignore our conscience, our heart. The same conscience the Holy Spirit uses to guide us, to guide our souls. If your heart is not there for the Holy Spirit, there is nothing the Holy Spirit can do. He cannot reach you, contact you. That is the instrument the Holy Spirit uses to guide us. Don’t ignore your conscience,” he cautioned.

Underscoring the fundamentality of the human conscience, the man of God declared that examining our conscience is as potent an exercise as prayer itself, adding that sometimes, we don’t even need to pray when we have examined our conscience before we sleep. He however admonished that for our prayers to be effective as Christians, we must ensure that nothing stands between us and God. In other words, offences or grudges must not be given the slightest opportunity to thrive in our hearts: “In order for us to have effective prayer, there must not be anything between us and God. That is holding offences such as anger, bitterness, pain of the past and so forth. These are the things that live in your heart.”

Concluding based on a biblical allusion, Prophet T.B. Joshua once more reminded Christians about the relevance of their conscience to having an unhindered access to their Creator. He said, “Don’t ignore your conscience. It is the vey instrument used by the Holy Spirit to guide you and to hear you. The Bible says “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8).”



Miss Elizabeth Bauta was a thorn in the flesh of her mother. Her wayward behaviours were pills too bitter for her mother to swallow. She had no respect for anyone, especially her mother. Her involvement with drugs greatly affected her lifestyle. She would abuse illegal hard drugs and sedatives. After taking such, she would lose every sense of decency and decorum. She would command people about and even fight them.

MISS ELIZABETH BAUTAAccording to her, those problems started when she was living with a grandfather who had an ailment and required a lion’s leg as a traditional remedy. It was that same lion’s leg that later became her greatest problem. One day, while her grandfather was not at home, she used the lion’s leg to play some pranks on herself. Since that day, she started having nightmares in which she would see herself as a lion in the animal kingdom, lording it over other animals. She had even had a physical encounter with an apparition that appeared to her while she was on the bed with her mother.

On several occasions, she would steal money from her mother and use it to satiate her appetite for drugs. Sometimes, she would steal the poor woman’s expensive gold and sell them at giveaway prices just to have some drugs. Her desire to make trouble was almost incurable. She would look people in their eyes and order them about, not bothering about the consequences of her actions. Her mother was always at the receiving end of all her misdemeanours. There was a day she even tried to sell off her mother’s land worth seventy-five million naira for a paltry one million naira. But for the resistance of the security guards at home, she would have taken possession of the land documents.

One thing that got her mother curious about her daughter’s life was that anytime they were watching Emmanuel TV and the young woman touched the screen, she would fall down repeatedly. Knowing that something was spiritually amiss with her daughter, the mother decided to bring her to The SCOAN. But even when they arrived at The SCOAN, the evil spirit tormenting Elizabeth still tried to play a few tricks. In a bid to escape from the surveillance of the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit had lied to her mother through her that she was going to get some item outside the church and had actually led her out of the church service in search of codeine, all in an effort to thwart her deliverance. After searching around the vicinity and failing to get codeine anywhere, she returned to the church.

Her return to the church thereafter became her victory over the enemy. As the man of God delivered his sermon, the evil spirit in Elizabeth became uneasy even as it saw fire all over the place. It was when the man of God commenced the Mass Prayer that the real drama started. The evil spirit began to manifest through her as soon as prayers reverberated around the auditorium. It took eight hefty ushers to pull her out from the congregation towards the location of the man of God, in whose presence she fell flat on the ground after the lion spirit confessed all it had done to her life. Taking authority through the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent the foul spirit out of her life and set her free from years of torment.

Testifying to her freedom from the plague of an evil spirit in company of her mother, Elizabeth who openly regretted her past life, hugged her mother in an emotion-laden display of remorse. According to her mother, the daughter’s past is over. Advising people all over the world, especially youths, Elizabeth said, “Run to Jesus and open up to your parents.”


Before her deliverance two Sundays ago, Miss Elizabeth Akunyemi had been an international prostitute. In the course of her immoral alliance with the world, she had had two children from two different fathers. She was deported from Dubai after the home security discovered her involvement in the illicit business. Her subsequent journey to Malaysia notwithstanding, she ended up broke and dejected in a sleepy corner of Lagos, Nigeria from where her friend, Kelly who was also delivered alongside with her brought her down to The SCOAN. She had lost both ‘husbands’. The first one, a Briton stopped communicating with her while the second had died of natural causes.

Having been delivered, the man of God reckoned that Elizabeth needed both moral and financial support in order to be able to fit into the society. To that effect, he encouraged church members to show some love by contributing their tokens towards the upkeep of Miss Akunyemi and her innocent children who deserve a great future. In their usual display of a charitable disposition towards the needy, members of The SCOAN contributed the sum of five hundred thousand naira which was presented to the mother of two last Sunday. She also received a copy of The Mirror, an edifying book written by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Thanking God for her deliverance and for the show of love by the church, Miss Akunyemi was moved to tears together with her mother as she regretted the way and manner she subjected her body to worldly desires. She promised to put the financial assistance into very good use, adding that she would soon return to The SCOAN with a bigger testimony. As long as she is now concerned, all those profane desires are gone for good. Jesus Christ has taken over her life.



MRS BETTY EZEKWUSIRIMrs Ezekwesiri had been diagnosed with HIV type I and 2 by a famous Nigerian university teaching hospital and had battled with AIDS for nine years. As she battled with the symptoms of the naturally incurable disease, her husband encouraged her to watch Emmanuel TV. The more she watched the channel, the more her faith grew immensely, giving her the encouragement to visit The SCOAN.

Visiting The SCOAN, the then pregnant woman joined the Prayer Line where the power of God was being poured out on the sick, the spiritually oppressed and on those who needed one form of deliverance or the other. As Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on the multitude of people at the Prayer Line, Mrs Ezekwesiri had wondered in her mind why the man of God had just passed her by without laying a hand on her. But as she harboured that thought, she remembered the testimony of a brother who was healed of diabetes after the man of God had prayed for him from afar without laying a hand on him. And as she tried to convince herself that God could still use the Prophet to heal her without necessarily touching her, she was hit by a paralysing electric shock which knocked her to the ground immediately after Prophet T.B. Joshua walked past her. That experience was followed by a sudden calmness.

After the Prayer Line, Mrs Ezekwesiri ensured that she obeyed all the instructions given to her by the man of God. She attended all the counselling sessions and sustained her faith in God with the encouragement of her husband. Gradually, all the symptoms that had characterised her HIV/AIDS infection disappeared. She has been completely healed of the deadly disease. She has also since been delivered of a baby boy who is also declared negative to the virus. Even the doctors that confirmed her new HIV negative status remain overwhelmed by the workings of God’s power.  Thanking God in company of her husband and children – Emmanuel and Joshua, Mrs Ezekwesiri advised people to draw close to God and believe that He will heal them all.


Having been diagnosed with a severe kidney disease, Mr Adeyanju Eniola ran from pillar to post in search of a solution that was never forthcoming. Not even the very expensive dialysis recommended by specialist doctors could proffer a permanent solution. The implication of his condition was that he would continue to spend his money on dialysis until further notice. One of his doctors later suggested he should go for a kidney transplant in India. To undergo a transplant in India, he needed seven million naira. Thinking it was his last hope, he reached out to family members for financial assistance in order to fund his trip and medical mission to India. When he discovered that help was not really forthcoming as expected, he was advised to approach his state government for help. His request for assistance from the Ekiti State Government was not fruitful as it came at a time when the nation and states were battling serious economic crises occasioned by dwindling revenue amid the free fall of the naira in the international market.

MR ADEYANJU ENIOLAHowever, his sister whom he had approached for financial help sent him a special package – the Morning Water, Good Morning Stickers, testimonies of people healed of kidney disease and The Mirror – a Christian classic written by Prophet T.B. Joshua. As soon as the package got to him, he pushed it aside, lamenting that what he needed was money and not ‘ordinary water and a book.’ Alas, he almost missed an opportunity to save his life but God, in His infinite mercy used that ‘ordinary water’ as his saving grace. Having failed to raise the money required for the transplant, his wife persuaded him to try the package of ‘ordinary water and a book’ sent by his sister.

As soon as he started using the Morning Water, all the debilitating symptoms of kidney disease that held him down for five months left him. When he returned to his doctors, they ordered for tests to be carried out to ascertain the condition of his kidney. When the results of the test were out, the doctors marvelled at what they saw. How his kidney returned to its normal condition remained a mystery. Responding to their bewilderment, Mr Eniola told them that he received healing through the medium of the Morning Water at The SCOAN. He testified last Sunday, giving God all the glory for his miraculous healing. Accompanied by his sister, he demonstrated his new-found health fitness by running around. He advised people with similar condition thus: “Trust in God: with God all things are possible.”


Ms Pinkie Netshidzati encountered setback, career failure, disappointment and poverty. For the South African single mother of three boys, feeding her children and paying her many bills became extremely difficult. As a Station Manager in the South African Disaster Management and Emergency Services, her salary was not robust enough to cater for the huge responsibilities on her shoulders. She had applied for promotion on seven different occasions but nothing was forthcoming until she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water.

Upon ministering the Morning Water in line with the instructions of Prophet T.B. Joshua, she prayed fervently, asking God to change her situation for good. The answers to her prayers came almost immediately. She was thereafter promoted to the position of District Manager – a position that came with improved remuneration and conditions of service. She now delegates duties to many subordinates.

MRS PINKIE NETSHIDZATIHer Master’s programme in Disaster Management had been threatened by the mysterious disappearance of her exam result. After following up with the university for several months, she decided to hand the matter to God. Ministering the Morning Water on her phone, she put a call across to the school authorities. Surprisingly, the school authorities informed her in a matter of minutes that her missing result has been found.

Thanking God for his unlimited blessings upon her life, Ms Netshidzati told the congregants how God also blessed her with a house of her own in one of the big suburbs in South Africa after she had used the Morning Water for prayer. She also testified to her healing from a strange ailment after using the Morning Water. According to her, after ministering the Morning Water when she felt ill that very day, she vomited a strange object and afterwards regained her sound health. Expressing her gratitude and promising to serve God sincerely, she advised people in the following words – “Delay is not denial”


Mr Ini Okodi and his colleagues had sat for the Nigerian Bar final exams last year but somehow they all failed. Faced with the grim reality of having to wait for another year to re-sit the exams, they were inspired to seek God’s face at The SCOAN after watching some of their predecessors on Emmanuel TV. Twenty-one of their colleagues at the Nigerian Law School had visited The SCOAN and had received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua prior to their Bar Final Exams in 2015. To the glory of God, all of them came out in flying colours and were subsequently called to the Nigerian Bar.

BARR. INDONGESIT NKECHI&LORETTAMr Okodi and his colleagues therefore decided to follow the footsteps of their predecessors at the Nigerian Law School by visiting The SCOAN in April, 2016 for prayers and counselling. The man of God was very receptive as he prayed for them and gave them the Morning Water with instructions on how to minister it while seeking the face of God. After that encounter, they all left with a strong faith and confidence that they would pass their forthcoming exams in flying colours. The fear of failure disappeared from their minds; they were all optimistic of a great outing.

The first sign of victory for them came on the very day of the exams. After writing the exams, they exuded an unexplainable sense of calmness. The irrepressible confession in their hearts was that they would surely come out with outstanding results. Just as they had confessed, when the results were released, all of them came out with excellently. As it stands today, they have all been called to the Nigerian Bar as barristers and solicitors of The Supreme Court Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Testifying during the Sunday service, the group led by Ini Okodi expressed their joy with what God has done for them through the Morning Water. They all glorified God for the grace He gave them to pass their exams successfully. Aside their successes at the Nigerian Law School, one of them also told congregants how a litigant who had taken her and her husband to court, changed his mind and became remorseful after she had received and ministered the Morning Water given to her on a plot of land that was in contention. On behalf of his colleagues, Mr Ini Okodi left the following advice to people all over the world: “People facing a challenge should find solution in God.”



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