The SCOAN Sunday service of August 28, 2016 brought God’s children together to experience an outpouring of His grace and glory upon their lives. The words of exhortation and the songs of praise and worship blended together to provide a perfect platform for congregants to express their gratitude to God through testimonies and other acts of thanksgiving that inspire God to do more.



She had been chosen by the gods as the sacrificial lamb to atone for the sins her forefathers had committed many years ago. According to the oracle, her great grandfather had slept with an outcast and had brought a curse of recurrent death upon the family. While in the Ivory Coast with her parents, who had gone there for fishing business, the Ghanaian baby girl the idol had chosen would have to leave her parents for a journey that would put her in bondage for life but for God’s intervention. Her parents could not kick against the decision of the gods and so, they had to let go of their infant daughter.

Baby Mary was eventually taken into a shrine where the Trokosi caste system was being practised. She became one of the wives of the priest, an old man capable of being her great grandfather. She suffered untold humiliation as she had to submit to public disgrace by being reduced to the nude with the hair on her head shaved as a mark of atonement for the misdeeds of her ancestors. After the degradation, she became one of the maidens whose role was to prepare charms for different people who patronised the shrine. The more charms she prepared, the more she was possessed by evil spirits.


When the priest eventually died, the young Mary was forced to undergo widowhood rites that spanned seven days without food and water. At a point the little girl collapsed due to her inability to cope with the tortuous ritual. By the time the widowhood rites were completed, life for Mary presented more challenges. Due to hunger and the lack of almost all the essential and psychological needs of life, she would occasionally sneak into town in search of crumbs from the streets. It was during one of such hunger-inspired journeys to town that she was spotted by an international news organisation which took interest in her case. After interrogating her and listening to her predicament, a financially costly arrangement was reached with the shrine authorities for Mary’s freedom.

Following her liberation, Mary went in search of her family but was rejected because they thought that having been used as a sacrificial lamb, she would bring a curse on them if they allowed her in. Alas! The young Mary’s life only knew a temporary relief after the liberation. With no other place to call home, coupled with the increased hardship she encountered on the streets, she had no other choice than to return to the Trokosi shrine. It was so pathetic a scenario that an 8-year-old girl would traverse the sands of this wicked world without parental care and guidance and yet mustered the courage to move on with her innocence at the receiving end of spiritual molestation.

Gathering fruits from the forests and selling them in town in order to fend for her little life tormented by a giant yoke, she once again came in contact with the international news organisation that had fostered her liberation from bondage. After explaining to them the reason for her return to the fetish enclave, the organisation decided to take up her welfare and education. At that stage, she had to start living with a concerned woman while a Non-Governmental Organisation sponsored her education up to the senior secondary school level.

After her secondary school education, securing and sustaining a job became a nightmare as evil spirits in the form of snakes kept tormenting her. She would dream of snakes entering her body from different points, making her unable to concentrate in the physical. As she battled with that spiritual torment, she became a toy in the hands of many men who took undue advantage of her situation to sleep with her only to abandon her eventually. Mary lived with eleven different persons and faced so much maltreatment and rejection because of the evil spirit that was inside her. The torment continued until she encountered Jesus in a rapture-like dream in which every other person around her was flying into the skies while she could not. Crying out to Jesus, she asked, “Lord why can’t I fly? Is it because of my sin?” According to her, Jesus promised to put a hedge around her that would prevent her from committing more sin.

Mary was directed to The SCOAN when she became terribly broken and shattered by the storms of life. A woman she described as a Good Samaritan had told her that the only person that can deliver her is Prophet T.B. Joshua. The same woman funded her trip to Nigeria. Mary was in the auditorium penultimate Sunday when the evangelists were ministering the Morning Water, in the name of Jesus. As they approached her, a powerful battle ensued. As soon as the Morning Water touched her, the evil spirits in her began to manifest, confessing how it had tormented her life in the form of two billion snakes. The battle lingered for a while as the evil spirit tried to be stubborn but could not withstand the power of God. It finally succumbed to the superior power of the Most High!

Revelling in the new dawn of her total liberation and deliverance, Mary who could not recall her real age due to parental disconnection, thanked God for using The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua to make her a normal person again. She was full of praise for the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua and has since surrendered her life to Christ and the things of God. She advised people all over the world to desist from sin in order to avoid the evil kingdom.


Born into poverty and without knowing her father, young Bahati grew up with her mother who eventually died when she was only nine years old. After her mother’s demise, the young Kenyan had to move in with her elder sister. Life was not easy but God sent help through a church which took up the education of indigent students. Young Bahati enrolled into school but could not come to terms with the strenuous demands of learning and so, she had no other choice than to drop out of school only to strike friendship with a random woman who introduced her into drinking alcoholic beverages. As she progressed in her alcoholic activities, her sister became fed up with her wayward life and ejected her.


Left with nowhere to put up, Bahati resorted to street hustling. She later met an armed robber lover with whom she would move in. But after sometime, troubles crept up. Her lover could not afford to pay his rent and was ejected, leaving them with no option than to move in with her lover’s armed robber friend. Knowing that they were living with men of the underworld, Bahati in connivance with the girlfriend of her husband’s friend, broke into the house and made away with the money the robber-lovers had stolen and kept in the house. While the police were after the robber-lovers, the latter were after their fleeing girlfriends who had absconded with the armed robbers’ loot. Relocating to Nairobi and embracing prostitution, Bahati had affairs with three different Japanese men. She had had a child for the first Japanese who was a married man but had deceived her. The second Japanese man, who accepted Bahati’s first child, took her to Japan but got the beating of his life. Their marriage ended in divorce, albeit they had a child together.

With two children from two failed unions, the Japanese government took up her welfare through strict social measures that made continuing her wayward life very difficult. As the adage goes by “nobody dares cage water”, Bahati found a way to sneak out to clubs where she sold her body to men and drank alcohol to her satisfaction, leaving her young children at home alone. Sometimes, when she returned from her ‘night duties’, she would break down in tears, wondering why she was living that horrible kind of life. Bahati would also get pregnant for an African neighbour whose wife had tried to lure her into idolatry.

Introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend in Japan, Bahati built up her faith and decided to visit The SCOAN. Penultimate Sunday, she was delivered after the evangelists ministered the Morning Water on her. Though, the demon tormenting her life had tried to be unyielding to the power of God, it was however brought down like a pack of cards through the power of the Holy Spirit. During her testimony last Sunday, Bahati told congregants that all her unholy appetites are gone for good. According to her, the urge to go and meet men and the thirst for alcohol are gone even as she now enjoys quality time in the presence of God’s Word.

“Never give up on God,” she advised.


DR. & MRS. SUNNY ODINYE {CHINESE COUPLE -FATHER HEALED - MORNING WATER} (2)Dr and Mrs Sunny Odinye had been offered admission for doctoral and master’s programmes, respectively by a Chinese university in 2010. It was tough yet God was able to see them through. While Mrs Odinye rounded off her programme with distinction in 2012 her husband continued his programme which was supposed to take at least four years. He had visited The SCOAN in 2011 after deriving so much inspiration from watching Emmanuel TV. Before returning to China to finish his PhD in 2013, he had also visited The SCOAN where he received prayers and the Morning Water. As he continued to pray and minister the Morning Water, a miracle happened. The PhD which should have taken at least four years to complete, was awarded to him in less than three years. As the first Nigerian PhD holder in the Chinese Language, Sunny graduated with a distinction.

The university lecturers were also blessed financially as they continued to minister the Morning Water while also praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The building project which they had started in their village since 2010 was finally completed in 2013. They were also blessed with two very good cars, to the glory of God. Dr Odinye also testified to the healing of his father who had been diagnosed with kidney problem at the age of 77. According to him, even though his father had been placed on dialysis, they visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which was ministered to him. After one week, his father’s health was restored, ending his dependence on dialysis. Returning to the doctors for a confirmation test, it was discovered that his father’s kidneys were in good condition up to this moment.

Thanking God for the miracles and their attendant blessings, Dr Odinye reminded people all over the world that, “We are blessed to bless others.”


Mrs Lydia Alshakro’s husband was suffering from a severe stomach pain that deprived him of food. For five years, doctors in America tried in vain to find a cure. But as a concerned wife, an Iraqi living in the United States who had encountered Emmanuel TV and fallen in love with the marvellous works of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mrs Alshakro convinced her husband to visit The SCOAN in 2013. When he did, he received prayers from the man of God as well as the Morning Water and the Good Morning Stickers.


As soon as he returned to his base in the US, Mr Alshakro placed the Good Morning Sticker on his mirror and began to shave. Instantly, he felt God’s power all around him as he started shaking uncontrollably until the age-long stomach ache disappeared miraculously. Mrs Alshakro also testified to the confirmation of the man of God as a Spirit-filled Prophet of God after he had appeared to her in a dream after watching and praying with the prophet on Emmanuel TV. She also testified to a prophecy which the man of God gave her via a dream in her native Arabic language, telling her that she will preach in a strong church established on four pillars. She equally thanked God for using a drop of the Morning Water (which she sent) to heal her friend’s father who had throat cancer. “Prophet T.B. Joshua is giving us pure teaching and the corresponding power of the Holy Spirit,” she told people all over the world.


MISS OSENI FUNMILAYO AND MOTHER { PASSED OUT FIBROID} (2)While the rebroadcast of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer at the biblical Paul and Silas prison in Greece was going on penultimate Sunday, Miss Oseni Funmilayo, who had been experiencing severe menstrual pain due to fibroid, rushed to the restroom and passed out the huge tumour, which had been disturbing her for so long. According to her mother, Funmilayo was in the Sunday school class when the clip was played on Emmanuel TV.

Prophet T.B Joshua, while praying at the historical site, had commanded every aspect of viewers’ lives that were in bondage to be loosed in Jesus’ name. It is therefore exciting to see how the power of God came into action using the miraculous release of Paul and Silas to release the fibroid that was a thorn in the flesh of the young girl. Thanking God in company of her mother, Funmilayo advised congregants in the following words: “Have faith in God. All things are possible.”



During a Live Sunday service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied concerning an event that would strike the nation of Italy and trigger headlines. These were his words:

“In Jesus Christ’s name. I want every one of us to pray for this country, Italy. I don’t know what happened there. This is Italy. I don’t know but open your lips and pray for God’s protection in that country. Something happened there that caused headlines. For God’s protection – this is Italy. In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray.”

Just as Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied, the catastrophe revealed in the prophetic message made the headlines across the world as the breaking news spread concerning the earthquake which hit Central Italy.

We at The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV wish to offer our condolences to the nation of Italy and to the families and loved ones of all those who lost their lives in the tragic incident that occurred in Central Italy on Wednesday 24th August 2016.

We want to encourage you in this difficult time that Jesus Christ is our Hope. Let us wait upon the Lord, trust in Him alone and we will be strong. Jesus has risen – therefore, in this time, let our minds rise and seek the things that are above so that we will be comforted under the present sorrow.

We pray that God will comfort and support the nation of Italy and the friends and family of all those affected in this disaster and that God will grant them the fortitude to bear the loss, in Jesus’ name.


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