The SCOAN New Year service had all the qualities of a new beginning.

crowdSongs of joy echoed all through the auditorium as the choir led congregants in praising God and thanking Him for ushering them into a brand New Year with great expectations, dreams and aspirations. In his message to Christians all over the world,



prophet-t-b-joshuaProphet T.B. Joshua advised them to dream of walking with the Lord, adding, “No difficult circumstances or infirmities will stop you from the love of God. The more they come, the more your desire and determination for God!”

Describing the year 2017 as a wonderful one, the man of God said Christians will pray harder in spite of the attacks that would come their way. He also submitted that, the more the challenges, the more they would desire to serve God in Spirit and in truth because there would be blessings hidden in those challenges.

Continuing, the man of God urged Christians to soldier on and hold on to their goals and dreams irrespective of the magnitude of challenges that would come their way in the New Year: “When challenges come, remember your dream and your goal. Nothing should be compared to your goal and dream.” He also added that the voices of wailing, trouble and difficulty will be silenced. He concluded by emphasising on the vision that he had received from God for the new year: “A dream of walking with the Lord, a new dream for you.”




Mrs Blessing Dike was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and other pelvic anomalies. Faced with the stark reality of a surgery, she became depressed. In an escapist attempt to evade her worries, she dabbled into internet-surfing and ended up browsing and downloading pornography. Her escape from worries was always temporary. The emotional burden always returned as soon as she was done with watching pornography. Mrs Dike would ask God for forgiveness after watching those obscene videos. She couldn’t control the things that were happening to her. She also had nightmares and spiritual attacks to which her husband was a co-witness.

Towards the end of 2015 when Emmanuel TV was included in the DSTV/GOTV bouquet, Mr and Mrs Dike seized the opportunity to listen to the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua as well as the wonderful testimonies abounding at The SCOAN. According to Mrs Dike, the powerful teachings of the man of God ushered her into a whole new world ornamented by hope, faith and the joy of the Lord. She was convinced that God would take care of her worries as soon as she stepped her feet into the Arena of Liberty.


In January 2016, Mrs Dike and her husband visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. The couple returned to their base and started ministering the Morning Water as they prayed along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. Suddenly, the overwhelming pressure to watch pornography stopped. The same with all those nightmares and spiritual attacks. Feeling extremely excited, the couple agreed to revisit the hospital for another test on her pelvic region. After the test, the doctor confirmed that there was no problem with her ovary and pelvic region. The ovarian cyst that had reared its ugly head was destroyed by the power of God through the Morning Water. “Share your testimonies so that they could bless the lives of people who are still struggling,” she advised as she concluded her testimony.



Mr Kolawole was away when two men and a woman visited his showroom to enquire about some furniture works. The three visitors who pretended to be customers eventually revealed their true identities and intentions. Mr Kolawole’s shop attendant, Miss Haneesah Ibrahim never had an inkling of their evil intention when they led her into her boss’ office only to tie her up legs-and-hands, demanding money and threatening to kill her if she resisted. Though they were able to lay their hands on some cash, they attempted to slaughter her by the throat but the knife failed. They tried the same thing on her belly but their sharpened steel became blunt and unable to penetrate. Frustrated, they resorted to the use of a screw driver to pierce her neck.

Mr Kolawole got the greatest shock of his life when he returned to find his shop attendant in a pool of her own blood. She was lifeless and the only thing he could do at that point was to minister the Morning Water on her. The anointing had an instant effect – the girl showed signs of revival by shaking her body after which she was conveyed to the hospital where she spent some days receiving medical attention. It was at the hospital that she narrated her ordeal in the hands of the unholy customers.

According to Mr Kolawole, he had always been in possession of the anointing materials in all areas of his life. The Good Morning Stickers adorn his business premises, including his office and showroom. Even his shop attendant, though a Muslim, had always used the Morning Water. He attributed the inability of the robbers to kill his shop attendant to the power of God in the Morning Water and Good Morning Sticker. He was visibly overwhelmed with the miracle as he testified in company of his family and the shop attendant. Thanking God for intervening and stopping the plan of the devil from materialising, Mr Kolawole advised people all over the world to hold on to God who can do all things through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


She was diagnosed with rectal and lung tumours which were later confirmed to be cancerous. Mrs Isabell Formin was advised to undergo both chemotherapy and radiography. In spite of the conclusions of doctors, the Cameroonian living in the United Kingdom did not give in to fear. Even when the nurses urged her to order for a wig to mitigate the hair loss usually associated with chemotherapy, she insisted that she would not lose her hair and so it was, according to her belief. During a chance meeting with a woman whom she told about her problems, she was introduced to Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV.

The woman also went ahead to give her some drops of the Morning Water which she mixed with ordinary water. As she ministered it, she discovered that her waning strength improved. Not even the debilitating effects of chemotherapy and radiography combined could affect her. She was just indescribably strong and knew within her that the Morning Water was working wonders. Mrs Formin continued to minister the Morning Water on herself and on her children. She also watched Emmanuel TV without ceasing. Her faith grew in leaps and bounds to the extent that she once told her husband that, though she was healed, but coming to The SCOAN would make her healing complete and permanent.

Visiting The SCOAN in August 2016, Mrs Formin received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Prayer Line. After her visit to The SCOAN, she returned to the UK and had an appointment with her doctors. After carrying out some check-ups on her, she was told that there were no tumours in both her rectum and lung. The cancerous growths disappeared. While undergoing another test to ascertain the state of her colon, Mrs Formin was anesthetized. As she was about to wake up from the induced sleep, she heard a voice shout, “You are healed!”. By the time she finally woke up, the doctors handed her the test result which showed that there was no problem whatsoever with her system.

Thanking God during her testimony last Sunday, Mrs Formin told congregants how she suffered from all sorts of dream attacks. According to her, strange people always came to sleep with her in the dream, leaving her sick when she woke up. She thanked God for intervening in her case through Emmanuel TV and the Morning Water. She advised people all over the world to have faith in God as there is nothing He cannot do. She also encouraged them to watch Emmanuel TV, adding that they shouldn’t mind whatever negative things people say about the man of God and his ministry.


Mrs Miriam Kwaw-Yankson had lost her job in May 2013. While she was lamenting the unfortunate development, she discovered she was pregnant. How to give herself the special attention needed by a pregnant woman coupled with her joblessness became a very heavy burden on her. Her husband could not help as he himself was also jobless. The family was indeed at a crossroad. All doors of help seemed closed as they battled with bad dreams. As they continued to hope for a change in their fortunes, Mr Kwaw-Yankson visited a friend and discovered Emmanuel TV.

Having witnessed the display of God’s power on the channel, the Ghanaian couple decided to install the cable in their home. As they watched Emmanuel TV and keyed into the prophetic declarations of the man of God, things started changing. Their dreams also changed. Sometimes, Mrs Kwaw-Yankson would be rescued by Prophet T.B Joshua whenever trouble brewed in her dreams. In 2014, God blessed Mr Kwaw-Yankson with a job. In May 2015, after praying with the man of God and ministering the Morning Water on her credentials, she was called to submit her CV by a friend. The submission of that CV eventually culminated in her employment as the Branch Manager of a firm.

Thanking God for restoring what the locust and cankerworm had eaten in their lives, Mrs Kwaw-Yankson also told congregants how they were blessed with a family car. According to her, God has blessed them so much so that they even give to charity as a sign of gratitude to God. She advised Christians and people all over the world to see whatever situations they may be passing through as opportunity to move to the next level.


For twenty-seven years, Mr Okundia Edosa was battling with the yoke of bedwetting. The problem brought a lot of shame to the young man. His movement became restricted as he could not visit friends and family easily. The few friends and family members he had put up with did not actually notice his problem as he would use water to wash off the urine from their mattresses. At a time, he got fed up and decided to live alone. It was at that juncture that he came across a friend who urged him to install the Emmanuel TV cable in his house.

After installing Emmanuel TV, he continued to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and later decided to visit The SCOAN. Mr Edosa actually visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. One night, after ministering the Morning Water, he went to sleep and dreamt he was about to excuse his friends to go and urinate. But before he could start urinating, he heard a voice and felt that something hit him. As he woke up, he discovered he was in his room. Since that day, he has not wet the bed.

Thanking God last Sunday, the Nigerian from Edo State also testified to his deliverance from the yoke of drunkenness after over ten years of addiction to alcohol. According to him, he stopped drinking alcohol after he had ministered the Morning Water. Describing the Morning Water as fire, Mr Edosa advised people all over the world to continue serving God, adding that they should take the Morning Water as their working tool filled with the power of God.



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