SCOAN service on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 was memorable in the sense that it re-echoed the triumph of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ over death, sin and sorrow. It offered congregants and Christians all over the world another opportunity to re-align themselves with the ideals of the risen Christ who according to the choir, cannot be denied. “There’s no denying my Jesus… He wants to know you…”


In a powerful time of prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua brought to reality the meaning of the term ‘resurrection’ which is to bring back to life peace, comfort and joy, in the name of Jesus. Speaking to the congregation and viewers worldwide, he said that many of us have been following someone else’s destiny but the promise of God this Easter is to bring back our destiny so that we can become an authority in our calling. According to him, it does not matter what you are doing; what matters is what you are destined to do.

Earlier in the service, Evangelist Chris in his message titled DEATH IS DEFEATED, called on Christians to attune themselves to the realisation that Easter is a day to celebrate their triumph over death, sickness, poverty and infirmity through Christ Jesus whose blood paid the supreme price for all mankind: “…Easter is a day set aside to commemorate the resurrection of the One who paid the supreme price for our sins. We are here today to celebrate the fact that death was swallowed up in victory! If Jesus Christ defeated death on the Cross of Calvary, what is the problem you are facing today that cannot be swallowed up?  Today, your sickness will be swallowed up in good health! Your poverty will be swallowed up in blessing! Your bondage will be swallowed up in freedom! Your barrenness will be swallowed up in fruitfulness! Your test will be swallowed up in testimony! Jesus Christ lives; He never said goodbye.


He concluded with a call on Christians to remain focused and never allow the harsh realities of life to derail them from the path of truth and honour: “Nothing can be more ridiculous or absurd than to allow symptoms or feelings to cause us to doubt the fulfilment of God’s promises. We can believe God. His promises stand. He cannot lie. The Bible is full of promises for every matter. As long as you have faith, they will work for you.”





Mr Robert Dut Talang had migrated to the United States from his native South Sudan with high hopes and expectations. He had envisaged an easy, prosperous and financially rewarding time in America. But what he met in the United States was very discouraging. Life was definitely not a bed of roses over there as he struggled to settle his bills, including his house rent. His business was virtually on its knees. After trying in vain to get himself out of the predicament, a friend introduced him to The SCOAN.

Convinced of the presence of God in the Arena of Liberty, Mr Talang visited The SCOAN and received a prophetic declaration from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. “It shall be well”, said the man of God to him, holding his hand and looking at his face with a smile that lit up the fires of hope inside his heart. Keying into that prophetic declaration, Mr Talang returned to his base in the United States with the Morning Water given to him by the man of God.

As he continued to hold on to that prophetic declaration, Mr Talang also prayed together with his family amid a devotional ministration of the Morning Water. Within a short while, the unexpected happened. The landlord of the properties he was occupying for residential and official purposes approached and informed him that the properties had been put up for sale, asking if Mr Talang was interested in acquiring them. Even though he had no dime for the purchase, he remembered the declaration of the man of God and claimed it once again. He ministered the Morning Water around the properties, believing God had settled everything.

After those acts of faith, Mr Talang registered a new business and together with his attorneys met with the landlord to negotiate for the purchase. And to God be the glory, after fruitful deliberations, he was able to purchase the properties. He is now a landlord and has rented many of the rooms to tenants. Narrating his glorious story to the congregation, Mr Talang thanked God for lifting him from the trenches of debt and shame to the zenith of prosperity and progress through Christ Jesus. “When God is not in your life, it is hopeless”, he told the church as he ended his testimony.


Professor Benedict Mbam of the Ebonyi State University, Abakalilki, had an excellent career progression until he got to the rank of Senior Lecturer, where he got stuck for seven years without further promotion. The experience was demoralising as he saw his subordinates being promoted ahead of him but could not explain why things turned out that way. Deep down in his heart, he knew something was wrong somewhere. His visit to The SCOAN would eventually disentangle him from the evil that had held him down for seven years.


Receiving the Morning Water at The SCOAN, the hardworking academic went home ministering it all over himself and the entire household. After three months, the first bubble of glory appeared – he received promotion to the rank of Associate Professor of Computer Science. As he was still savouring the joy of his first promotion in seven years, he was appointed Director, Academic Planning, a position exclusively reserved for full professors only. How an Associate Professor was able to get that promotion remains a case study in uncommon grace. Moving on to a federal university, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, he was made a full professor within months of ministering the Morning Water – another promotion from Heaven.

When they got the news of his promotion in his new school, the management of his former school also promoted him to a full professor. With those promotions came great improvement in his financial status. He was able to buy brand new cars for himself and his wife and also built a house for himself. Just last week, he was elected the Dean, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. As he thanked God for the grace he has received through Christ Jesus, Professor Benedict Abam advised people all over the world: “Hold onto faith and one day, your miracle will locate you.”



After fifteen years of meritorious service to his employer, Mr Paul Azeka Asia, instead of being rewarded for his loyalty, was told that his position was no longer useful. It was declared redundant by the company’s management thus forcing the Ghanaian to leave and join the list of the unemployed. It was failure at the peak of success. Not willing to accept defeat, he visited The SCOAN after watching series of wonderful miracles and testimonies on Emmanuel TV.

Attending a Sunday service, he cried to God to change the story of his life and received inspiration from the testimony of a brother, all the way from the UK who had similar challenges but triumphed after visiting The SCOAN. After the service, he received the Morning Water and continued to minister it with zeal even on his credentials. In less than two weeks, he saw a job advertisement that matched his qualification and applied online, ministering the Morning Water on the computer screen. Two weeks later, he was invited for a job interview. After attending the interview, he was selected among the long list of candidates who applied for the job.

His new job is better than the previous one and the way it came could only be a miracle. Acknowledging that it is not easy to get a job in Ghana, he reckoned that his case was exceptional in the sense that he lost his previous job in December 2015 and got a better one in January 2016 in a country where people could be out of a job for years. Thanking God for the unlikely way his job was restored, Mr Asia advised people to build their faith on God, the Solid Rock as all other grounds are sinking sand.


Mrs Precious Okorie, a Nigerian resident in Togo, searched for the fruit of the womb for six years without reprieve. Her condition took a heavy toll on her psychologically. All the hospitals she visited could not diagnose any problem with her. Even her recourse to herbal medicine could not yield any result.


An encounter with Emmanuel TV inspired her visit to The SCOAN from where she received the Morning Water.

Returning home, Mrs Okorie ministered the Morning Water in prayer together with her husband. That same month, she became pregnant and went on to deliver a baby girl (christened Mary Okorie) after nine months. Describing the Morning Water as an ‘atomic bomb’, Mrs Okorie marvelled at the immediacy of her pregnancy after she had ministered it. Thanking God for His intervention in her life, she advised people to trust in God so that they could meet their own breakthrough through Christ.




He had been diagnosed with symptoms of valvular heart disease and had tried different medications without solution. Mr David Ogong eventually stumbled on Emmanuel TV via Youtube. The marvellous healings and deliverance God has wrought through Prophet T.B. Joshua easily caught his attention and endeared him to The SCOAN. The Ugandan national, without looking back, made up his mind to visit the arena of liberty. He visited The SCOAN in 2015 and had the opportunity of receiving prayers from the man of God who also blessed him with the Morning Water. Before he departed from Nigeria, he felt a great improvement in his health condition as he ministered the Morning Water.

Returning to Uganda, Mr Ogong went to the same hospital that had diagnosed him with the heart problem. After another round of tests, it was discovered that his heart was healthy. The valvular heart disease that had reared its ugly head was no more. Thanking God for his healing, Mr Ogong also testified to the healing of his brother who had collapsed and gone into coma due to multiple organ failure in the UK. According to Mr Ogong, after doctors gave up all hope on his brother’s case, it took just the ministration of the Morning Water to rouse him from a two-week coma. Today, his brother is hale and hearty. Mr Ogong while promising to return with more testimonies, urged people to believe in God and His servants.


Mr Kelechukwu John while sojourning in Angola had started an extra-marital affair with a lady whom he claimed promised to help him secure all his residence documents in the South African country.


The Nigerian kept the relationship without the knowledge of his wife and never knew that the bubble would one day burst in full glare of the public. The woman in question had visited Nigeria and had accompanied her ‘lover’ to The SCOAN Sunday Service, where the man of God, through prophetic insight revealed the unhealthy union between them. “The brother under the canopy – your wife is at home but you are here with a lady. What kind of prayer do you want to offer? What do you hear us preaching since morning? Your wife is at home. She is even trying to cook food for you but you are here with one lady…” After hearing these words from the man of God, Mr John   hurriedly came out of the congregation to confirm the prophecy. The man of God thereafter summoned his wife to the church and ensured that their threatened marriage was saved. Mr John admitted wrongdoing and took responsibility for his actions. He asked God and his wife to forgive him. On her part, Mrs John accepted her husband’s apology and stated that she had forgiven him. She advised every family facing similar challenges to know God so that He would always help them recover their homes.


Right from the night of her wedding, Mrs Ifeoma Obimma developed apathy and dislike for marital affection. This later developed into a full-blown lack of affection for the opposite sex. Her legitimately married husband suffered untold rejection by a woman with whom he had exchanged marital vows. The spirit behind her challenge ensured that they lived thousands of miles apart from each other. While the man was here in Nigeria, his wife was junketing between the UK and South Africa and was more concerned with her business than any other matter. The couple spent seven years apart.


Though they are blessed with a set of twins – a boy and a girl – it was a serious battle before she could allow her husband to meet her. She continued to give the man headaches until the day she attended The SCOAN Sunday Service where she had an encounter with the man of God through prophecy. The man of God, led by the power of the Holy Spirit, spoke of her case: “You are a man. Your affection is dead. This is giving you loneliness. Anybody that looks at you – you are a beautiful lady, beautiful woman – they want to marry you but you don’t have affection.” Confirming the prophecy to be true, Mrs Obimma was delivered by the man of God, in Jesus’ name.

Testifying in company of her husband, she narrated to the amusement of the congregation, how she had previously denied her husband the intimacy of marriage and frustrated every move he made for them to meet as husband and wife. She acknowledged the fact that it was only her business that mattered to her even more than her husband. She however thanked God for changing her life through the prophecy and deliverance. She confessed that after her deliverance, life has become normal for her. She now has great affection for her husband and treats him as her God-given husband. She commended her husband for his patience and maturity in the face of all she did to him and advised people to always seek the face of God in everything they do.



Ms Kate Agbebaku had been tormented by the spirit of bedwetting which had actually started while she was a child. The problem affected her in many ways and took her to so many places in search of a solution. She even went as far as doing a fifty-day fasting programme in order to overcome the problem. Instead of abating, it became worse. An encounter with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream would eventually inspire her to visit The SCOAN, believing that her problem would definitely come to an end.


Seated in the auditorium on Easter Sunday 2016, the man of God prophesied about her case in the following words: “… When you sleep in the night, something happens to you. It started from a young age. You thought it was over but you are experiencing it again. Don’t be shy; get rid of it and be delivered… This bedwetting is happening to you.

Testifying before the congregation how the problem of bedwetting had seriously embarrassed and affected her life, she thanked God for her deliverance, observing that since she was delivered by the man of God, the problem had gone for good. She advised the congregants and people all over the world to keep believing God because He is indeed an awesome God.

The service left the congregation and viewers in the incredible joy of Jesus’ resurrection. Whatever situation you are in, by His resurrection, you can rely on Jesus. We have been seeing the purpose why Jesus was resurrected – Jesus Christ brings back to life the joy, peace, comfort and reconciliation. Happy Easter!